History of the Sweatshirts and Some of the Related Terms

Today, the mainstay of every modern wardrobe is a sweatshirt. For generations, sweatshirt has been a popular piece of clothing. People with different social backgrounds have crave for sweatshirts. Origin of sweatshirts date back to 1920s. Benjamin Russel (an owner of women’ and children’ underwear factory) was presented in 1920 with the problem by his … Read more

5 Uplifting Colors that Make a Happier Home, According to Experts

Ever wondered why you feel energized by merely looking at your neighbor’s bright red door? Or why you feel relaxed after staring at the various shades of green outdoors? Or how gloomy you become when you’re in a stark, gray hospital? It may have something to do with color psychology. It’s no secret that colors … Read more

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Succulent

One of the most popular indoor decorating trends today is a succulent. This type of plant comes with a different form of leaf and unique shape or structure. Succulents have the ability to adjust to the low or high temperature. In case you neglect the plants for weeks, you never have to worry either. Aside … Read more

What are Embossed Envelopes?

If you’ve ever received a formal invitation, there’s a good chance that the invite was delivered inside an embossed envelope. Embossed envelopes are a striking type of personalized envelope, featuring characteristically raised indentations and an inimitable texture that gives the message more impact and gives it a better recall. Embossed envelopes are made through embossing, … Read more

7 Mistakes You May Be Making With Your Business Card

Using a business card as a marketing tool can be an effective method of sharing your brand identity with potential clients. However, without the right information, a business card becomes just a piece of paper. In fact, it’s possible to include the wrong information or incorrect formatting and potentially lose business because of it. Be … Read more