6 Gaming Company Logos That Are Amazing

Games are always interesting and from young teens to adults, everybody likes to take their hands on the new games. From sports to action and everything could be catered in a game and people like to get these games in order to make their time to be spent with some entertainment and fun. But have you ever thought how a logo could be important to make the impression on the gamers? Well, logos alike every other thing also have an impact on making the games to be promoted. You might remember some of the games due to its logos or maybe the gaming companies could be identified due to its logo. The recognition of the logos have been created due to the logos they have and we here have prepared a list of gaming logos that are really amazing could make the game or the company to be identified due to the same.

Atari Logo

atari logo

The logo of Atari has got a special place in the hearts of people who know about it. The logo was created by the famous designer named George Opperman. He has used the conceptualization in the logo by putting three lines in the second “A” of Atari to make the Pong to be depicted through it which was the first successful game of the company. This game company was remembered for a long time due to its logos and still, it has a special recognition due to this logo.

Nintendo Logo

Nintendo logo

Since the games have become handheld and watch games have becomes a trend Nintendo has become one of the most recognized gaming companies in the world. The logo of this company is a perfect example of being simple yet it has the attraction that could catch the eyes of the target audience. The logo is based on simply writing Nintendo in the logo which is why it makes people remember it. Nintendo is one of the most recognized companies in the gaming industry and it has proven how simplicity could be a reason for remembrance in the logo making.

PlayStation Logo

PlayStation Logo

Now if we talk about colors and conceptualization and relate it to the logos in the gaming industry then the logo of PlayStation is one of the best examples that we could have for it. P and S in the logo with a blend of perfect colors and a hint of concept to it made the logo of PlayStation to become another amazing logo in the industry of gaming. Although the logo of PlayStation was not just finalized instantly it went through a number of phases before it was finalized. The PS logo is the ultimate identification for the company.

EA Sports

EA Sports

Another company that has a remarkable logo is EA sports. The logo of EA sports is simple yet attractive. It is a circled logo that has EA sports written in it yet the fonts and the colors are so innovative that it has made the people remember the company through the logo. Red and blue fonts with a white background have made it be remembered and thus it is said that people differentiate in other games and EA sports games through it.

Sega Games

Sega Games

When I take the name of the Sega Games the only thing I remember about it is that it was the most played games in my childhood. The nostalgia hits even harder when I see that blue logo of Sega Games that had “Sega” written on it. The logo had around 100 variations but the basic design was kept the same and this is what has made the logo to be recognizable in the world. The logo was not something innovative or something outstanding but yet again simplicity of the logo did the work.

Xbox Logo

Xbox logo

Xbox is one of the gaming companies which is headed by Microsoft and it is one of the companies that did compete with the already established firms like PlayStation and Sega Games at the time of its launch. And yet again the logo made an impact on creating the brand identity for Xbox. The big green X in a white circle made the people remember it for being different and the green color made the people assume that it is different from other games and green color that become another tool or element of the brand identification for Xbox.


Logos are always said to be important in making the first impression, gaining the attention of the customers as well as creating the identity for the brand and so is the case with games. Gaming companies have been recognized through their logos. At least for me when I hear the name of any of the mentioned companies the first thing that I get in mind is their logo and the experience I had while playing these games and also when I see any of the logos of these companies I know what company owns it. However, if it look at it today with a gaming logo maker I see that it is quite easy to get these logos and it takes me to surprise that these logos how simply have taken the attention of its target audiences.


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