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How To Use Coloured Contact Lenses In Winters

We know that fashion and lifestyle will not go away just because the weather has gone extreme. When it comes to fashion and lifestyle nothing is better than the special coloured contact lenses. These coloured lenses are one of the best fashion accessories and you wouldn’t want to let go of the best fashion product, right? But the problem comes when the weather goes extremely cold, this makes the use of coloured contact lenses a bit complicated.

The cold weather is always hard to negotiate, and the same is the case with coloured contact lenses. As you know coloured lenses have water content in them to provide oxygen provision and comfort. But when the weather goes extreme this becomes a problem.

All you have to do is use the coloured lenses carefully and be aware of how to negotiate through the extreme weather. That is right, there is always a way to deal with the cold winters.

So down below is a guide as to how you can deal with such issues and then use your coloured lenses as you wish. So there is no reason to be worried about it just go ahead and buy red contacts wholesale or the green contact lenses.

Things you can do and should not do in ice cold winters

There would be a possibility that your contact lenses freeze out in extreme winters, follow these rules.

  • Place the lenses somewhere the temperature is warm so that the lenses will defrost. But do not change the temperature too quickly.
  • Pouring hot water will only damage the lenses, so do not do anything such as that.
  • You can use your warm breath to a certain effect.
  • Let the packaging defrost and once it is done then open it.


You will see the lenses clear as day once they have been defrosted. Once that is done you are free to wear the coloured lenses.

Don’t Be Misinformed

1.Frozen Contacts are Contaminated

No they are just frozen. The water content in the lenses will get frozen but that doesn’t mean any foreign particles could infiltrate the sealed packaging.

2. Colour lenses get distorted after freezing

That would have been the case sometime back but nowadays coloured lenses are made with silicone hydrogel that keeps the lens in shape. They cannot distort after freezing, once they defrost the lenses will take back their shape.

3. Protein gets deposits after the coloured contact lenses freeze

Again the lenses are tightly sealed so that is not possible for anything to get inside.

Although, make sure after opening the coloured lenses you have kept them in a place that is at room temperature so that the lenses will not freeze.

Important Things To Follow About Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are something that you cannot leave behind just because of cold weather. They are almost a necessity when it comes to fashion and lifestyle. It wouldn’t seem right going out without coloured lenses when you have been using them all this time.

Still, while there is nothing wrong with using coloured contact lenses, you cannot be careless when using these lenses in winters. There are certain rules and guidelines that you must follow in order to maintain healthy use of coloured lenses.

1. Don’t let your eyes dry up

Things usually freeze up and dry out in winters. The cold dries out the climate and that effects everything including your eyes and your coloured contact lenses. Your eyes will dry up very quickly in extreme cold, but because of cold weather, you wouldn’t feel much.

As your eyes are getting dry with cold weather, the use of coloured contact lenses dry out the eyes even faster. Coloured lenses cover the eyes that makes the oxygen provision difficult to the eyes. This dries out the eyes even faster.

This why you need to keep yourself hydrated and keep using eye drops to keep the eyes wet enough so the coloured lenses can be used.

2. Keep your coloured contact lenses clean

Cold winters usually freezes the particles in the air. Because of that there is quite a lot of haze and fog in the air. Now when that is the case, coloured contact lenses catch more particles than normal.

So, you are required to keep your lenses always clean. After you have used them you must clean them with the solution and place them in the storage case with a fresh new solution. Make sure that your storage case is clean, and the solution is replaced with a fresh new solution.

3. Other problems associated with the winter season

One other problem is that the weather outdoors is extremely cold compared to inside. So it is better to wear lenses once you have reached the even or party, wearing them indoors is a better way to use them.

But if you wear them outside then know this, as our eyes and body are warmer than the weather, the lens may fog up. So, you would need to blink a lot to get rid of that.

We hope this helps.

4. Never share your coloured contact lenses with anyone

Coloured contact lenses are not supposed to be shared with anyone. You must make sure that you are not allowing anyone else to touch them. The reason is quite simple, lenses on the eyes collect proteins from the tears of the user. So, this could transmit the diseases from one person to another.

Now when the temperatures are so cold in the winters, this problem is even bigger. You see the proteins and particles could freeze on the lenses. Now you may be able to remove the particles and proteins from the lenses by cleaning them but because of the freezing weather the lenses could still have the trace of those proteins and tears on them. This is very dangerous for the health of your eyes.

It is imperative that you use the lenses very safely.

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