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Often, the success of an online project depends on its design, regardless of whether it was conceived by a designer or if it was created in a modular way. Unfortunately, there are no fixed design rules to create a “pretty” web page. The purpose is, rather, to stand out from the crowd and present an attractive frontend to visitors. In the commercial field, the appearance of a web page is directly related to the success of the business. This is mainly because this determines, almost always, the first impression that a potential client receives from the company. In addition, pages with a creative and original web design are the most striking. If you are looking for design ideas for your website, the best place to find them is the Internet.

8 Sources of Inspiration for a Creative Web Design

Web design ideas do not always fall from the sky. It is often helpful to click on pages dedicated to web design. Next, we present the best sources of inspiration and trends in web design Dubai so that you can come up with ideas when creating or modifying your online project.


One of the first places to look for inspiration is online communities. Dribbble brings together a community of web designers, graphic designers, illustrators and typographers from around the world to showcase their projects. This social network for creative allows its users to share up to 48 screenshots of their own work. The size of the images is limited to a maximum of 400 x 300 pixels and its search is done through labels. However, this website lacks additional search filter functions. The basic membership in Dribbble is free, allows users to establish contact between them (in a restricted context) and use basic functions of social networks, such as “follow” or “like”. The payment subscription is annual and has a reasonable price, thus facilitating the use of more specific functions. Thanks to the versatility of the exposed works.


Behance is a global network where creative and design experts share their work and graphic portfolios. In 2012, this Internet platform was acquired by Adobe and joined the Creative Cloud community. This is why members of Adobe services get immediate access to basic Adobe functions. Like Dribbble, Behance is aimed at graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers and filmmakers who want to share their work with the public, be evaluated and, if necessary, sell their works. Registering at Behance has no cost. The portfolios of the artists can be, as in Dribbble, visited by anyone. Unlike Dribbble, Behance offers advanced search filters, which allows a clearer and more detailed presentation of the graphic content. To get inspiration and know the trends of web design, we recommend the “creative field” of interface and user experience, as well as interactive design.


Awwwards is a meeting point for creative’s related to web design. It is a space to share knowledge and experiences, start and participate in discussions, as well as to get inspiration. This platform offers the possibility of presenting online projects of web designers, developers and creative agencies to be reviewed and evaluated by a professional jury. The objective of this platform is to make visible the talent and capabilities of those creative’s who, on a daily basis, enrich the Internet with innovative web pages, user friendly or simply beautiful. Once a day, Awwwards chooses a “Site of the day” and presents it on its homepage. The winners also appear in the yearbook “The 365 best websites around the world”. To get inspiration you only need to visit the “Winners” winners’ gallery. Additionally, Awwwards offers the possibility to filter the search by category, date, color or country of origin of the designer.


The abbreviation FWA corresponds to “Favorite Website Awards”, a highly recognized awards program in the sector, which has been available to web designers since May 2000. Similar to Awwwards, FWA also presents a “Site of the day” (SOTD) daily , as well as a “Site of the month” (SOTM), whose winner is entitled to participate at the end of the year in the “People’s Choice Award” (PCA). Thanks to FWA concentrating on web pages with a particularly striking design, this website is a source of inspiration for the owners of pages that want to stand out from the rest. Visitors to this online platform have the possibility to filter the search by categories or directly access the winners of each month. Like Dribbble, Behance and Awwwards, FWA also serves as a working platform for clients.

CSS Design Awards

The CSS Design Awards online platform awards the “Website of the day “award daily, as well as other monthly and annual awards. The evaluation criteria include “Creative Design”, “Core & Function” and “UX & Content”. The names of the winners and nominees can be seen by the public and their search can be filtered by color, characteristics and creative sector. In addition, the website contains articles on the latest web design trends, as well as links to free resources.

One Page Love

Web page managers who are convinced that the sub-pages within an online project are overrated and prefer to group all their content on a single page, will find in One Page Love a suitable source of inspiration. This platform is considered as the largest showcase of web pages, templates and other resources of creative web design. This online gallery gathers more than 5,700 unique design examples grouped by categories, including trends such as “parallax scrolling”, “flat design” or “centrally divided” templates. In the information resources section you will find articles, icon sets and tutorials.

WP Inspiration

WP Inspiration is the perfect choice for those who move in the WordPress universe and are looking for web design ideas. WP Inspiration groups WordPress designs and presents them in the form of screenshots. Search filters within the gallery include categories and colors.

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