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Creative Ideas for Decorating with Succulent

One of the most popular indoor decorating trends today is a succulent. This type of plant comes with a different form of leaf and unique shape or structure. Succulents have the ability to adjust to the low or high temperature. In case you neglect the plants for weeks, you never have to worry either. Aside from the health benefits this plant provides, it is a low-maintenance type of plant and it comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, making it a perfect home decorating object. For individuals who want to have plants indoor that can be used for decorating purposes, succulents are just perfect. Here are some of the creative ideas for decorating with succulents according to the florist:

     1. Succulents in Terrariums

The best thing about terrariums is that it makes a perfect tabletop decoration for home or office tables. Terrariums can also be customized depending on the materials you have or on the style you want. With a simple mason jar, fishbowl, or used glass container, creating a beautiful succulent planter for decoration is just an exciting activity. You can add pebbles on top of the potting soil for attractiveness.

     2. Succulents in Tea Cups

Whether you are planning a tea party or not, you will love the idea of having succulents in teacups on top of your tables at home. They look so adorable, especially in various colors and shapes and with a variety of decorative stones. This decorative item makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for parents and grandparents or for mom on Mother’s Day. Succulents placed and designed in teacups bring a cheerful decoration to the kitchen, windowsill, office table, and shelves.

     3. Succulents in Hanging Planters

It is so easy to whip up a stylish hanging succulent planter. You don’t even have to have a green thumb in order to create one. If you are crafty and creative, you can come up with just about everything using planters and succulents. You can hang the planters on one corner of your kitchen or on the ceiling of the living room. Adding hanging planters of succulents in your home is a great way to decorate the space and to add freshness to the ambiance.

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Succulent

     4. Succulents in Vertical Planters

You can attach it on the wall if you don’t have space to place the pots on. You can use wood pallets, frames, wires, baskets, and wreaths to have a vertical succulent planter. In creating decorative vertical planters of succulents, incorporating the luscious colors in one planter is a great idea. You can even use garland and spikey succulents to add texture and attraction to your wall decoration. Moreover, in adding vertical succulent planters to your wall at home, you also have the option to create shapes like a cat, star, heart, and more.

     5. Succulents in tiered Planters

Another decorative idea using succulents is the use of tiered planters. It is also an easy DIY project that anyone can do at home. Planting succulents in different varieties in a tiered planter provide a lovely embellish to the living room or front porch and even to the back porch if you prefer to stay there every now and then. There are also tiered planters that you can find in the flower shops or in any DIY shops.

     6. Succulents in Terra Cotta Pots

Using terra cotta pots for the succulents does not only provide pot for the plant but also create a stylish and high-class home decoration. The pots can be in different sizes, shapes, and designs or colors or you may choose to have the pots in one uniformed color for color coordination. These pots are cost-effective and you can easily put them on top of anything in the restroom and bathroom or in the library or office table and even in the windowsill.

     7. Succulents in Wreaths

Whether it is summer, spring, fall, or holiday season, you will love seeing a wreath of succulents on your door. You can use dried stalks for the wreaths or some artificial plants. It is best to be creative with the design of the wreaths especially if you plan to keep one hanging on your door for the entire season. It is a good thing that the online florist has different types and colors of succulents ideal to add to your wreaths.

Creative Ideas for Decorating with Succulent

     8. Succulents in White Ceramic Bowl

A white ceramic bowl filled with potting soil and succulents combined with stones or marbles makes a wonderful tabletop decoration. The white bowl satisfies just about any style of interior designs whether you prefer the modern, contemporary, or vintage design. There are plenty of decorative rocks available in the market to use on the pots for added design. These pots can be placed in between shelves or beside your books.

     9. Succulents in Old Wine Glasses and Goblets

Planting succulents on old wine glasses and goblets add a dainty decoration to your tables and indoor spaces. You can even use these pieces as tabletop decoration or centerpieces. It will look good if you will plant one for each piece of glasses. Antique and metal glasses and goblets are also great to use as pots for the succulents.

     10. Succulents in Large Concrete Bowl

You can easily create a large concrete bowl using cement to be used as a planter for the succulents. It will look more eye-catching if you will include different varieties of succulents in one bowl. You can add it as a center table decoration or as a table topper for your front porch table.


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