Tips to Prepare for Class 10 Chemistry Exam

Chemistry is the field of science concerned with the structure, properties, and composition of particle/matter, as well as the charges that a particle/ matter undergoes during chemical reactions. It is the study of how the elements of the Periodic Table react with each other and the properties of the compounds they form when they do react.

It’s important to understand chemistry if you are studying any of the sciences because all of the sciences involve matter and the interaction between types of matter.

Preparing for an exam which is touted as the biggest exam of your life isn’t easy. Passing a Chemistry Exam can be a difficult task but don’t worry you will pass with flying colors:

Here are few tips preparing your Class 10 Chemistry Exam. Take them to heart and pass that exam!

1. The best part of Chemistry is that this high-scoring subject needs lesser time for preparation. So, you can prepare for the exam by solving different problems you can archive through an in-depth study of the subject and extensive practice.
2. If you think that you’re good in Chemistry, then go through the NCERT books and follow up the concepts with a reference book to gain a deeper understanding of the topic.
3. To understand the structure of the periodic table of elements knowledge of the electron configuration of different atoms is useful.
4. It’s better to go through all the names of the reactions thoroughly: create charts of formulae along with names and revise them as and when possible.
5. Do not ignore numerical problems. Most of the times, the problems are a direct application of the formulae in use and at times are mixed with your understanding of a topic. If you master in the numerical problems then you will definitely score good marks.
6. While writing the exam make sure you write answers in point. Wherever possible try to give pictorial and graphical illustrations. It will help you in scoring good marks.
7. Focus on chemical reactions and it’s balancing. This is vital for scoring good marks. You will definitely get better with this as you practice more.
8. Revise your syllabus as many times as possible. When you finish, do take up the sample papers and solve it.
Revision is the Key….

Whatever you learn, keep revising them regularly. Solve sample question papers to feel confident during the exam. Solve the last 10-year question papers. First, prepare those chapters in which you feel comfortable.

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