Career In UX Web Design – Knowing The Unknown

Have you ever thought of trying out the branches and even mini branches of the User Experience platform to head forward with? There are multiple job titles available in the market, which can head start with the UX and will have a fancy sounding word accompanying the same. Now, the main question is what these words actually mean. What kind of task are you subject to perform? Are you working as a designer, strategist or a researcher? Being a UX expert is not just about covering the artistic part of a website, but you need to be a pro in the technical scores as well. The more you research and understand, the better your results are going to be.

Understanding the notion of UX:

If you are trying to enter the world of UX, then you better understand the prospects revolving the same. A UX person is always held responsible for creating that wonderful and usable experience for the user, who is then be using the product.

  • The product in this regard primarily refers to the web, mobile and even the wearable application, which can be well interacted through touching, tapping and even sliding the screen.
  • The main job over here is to make the users understand more about the technology, used to create this amazing product and ensuring that it might match up with the user’s expectations, to say the least.

Primary branches of the UX category:

If you ever check out the variations and options, you will be glad to know that UX comprises of three broad categories, which might fall under the same umbrella. Those three variations are research, design, and strategy. Each category is then associated with some of the mini branches, which are simple and clear if understood in proper concise words.

Under the design category:

If you are associated with the design part of UX Jobs, you will come to learn more about the variations in the prospects waiting for you to grab. You have so many promising alternatives in this regard for sure.

  • The first one got to be an interaction designer:

These pros are highly held responsible for creating some of the effective an efficient interactions right between the interfaces that are the screen and the users. In case, the user has clicked on to add to cart, it is then visible on the same screen or navigate to another screen to just find out more.

  • Then you have information architect:

Organizing the flow of the website and even focusing on the information accompanying it in a presentable way is the major task of an information architect. The services are dedicated to the users only. An example might serve it right and one primary one is a subway map.

  • Working to be a visual designer pro:

You can try to hold the post of a visual designer, whose main aim is to play right around with typography, colors, spaces, and images. It is primarily noted to be an extended version of the current graphic design.

  • Checking out as information designer:

There are some websites, known to showcase some complicated lot of information like data, graphs and more. Not everyone gets to understand these information tasks quickly. That’s when the interaction designers will come into action. Their main role is primarily to design information in a clear and understandable way.

  • Working your way out as UX writer:

Might be quite new in the market, it is always an extension of just copywriting with the phenomenal focus on the current users. The focus would always be on creating some important information like text in forms and buttons, which are understandable by the intended groups of audiences.

  • Lastly working as Service designer:

The main job over here is to make sure that the chosen complete interaction between the user or customer and company is always of the highest quality possible.

Then for the research category:

If you think that the designer part is not your cup of tea, then you can probably work out for the user research value. The category is huge and you will definitely come across some choices that you are willing to consider.

  • Starting as User research:

User research might find out more about the said users by just talking or interviewing them by doing some field study. Using these promising data, they might come up with scenarios and personas, which might help designers to understand the usage and even interaction with the said products.

  • Accessibility-based specialist:

Now the main question that pops up in your mind is whether the product is accessible by everyone or not. Will it be designed universally? The best answer can be procured from accessibility specialist. There are some products, which might face some constraints, which are user specific or country. They might always ensure that the items are made usable by everyone, no matter whatever the disability might have been.

  • Checking to be human factors and ergonomics specialist:

These pros are actually working together and sometimes, a tad bit apart. These roles are genuinely designed to ensure that the intended audiences as decided by the user researchers can always use items in a rather safe and easy manner.

Heading towards the best strategy:

Being a pro in UX design means you have to understand the strategy well. If you want to know more about that, log online and get help.

  • At first, you can try becoming UX strategist if you want to be a pro in this regard. Every start-up or company will have its own variations of business goals. A person held responsible for aligning business goals with the UX of products is mostly referred to as UX strategist.
  • If you want to be something new, then content strategist is another considerable fact. It helps in aligning business goals with content, which will help in accompanying the products. They will help to plan, develop and then deliver contents.

These are some of the interesting options available and you get to choose the one you want the most. There are multiple career opportunities waiting for your grab.

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