Top 10 Ways To Prepare Your Cat For The Trip

Cats are not as imaginative as we are, they can’t imagine something they never experienced, but they certainly do remember the past experiences. That’s precisely the reason cats are not really keen to travel. Usually, the first trip of a kitten is not a pleasant one and some kittens associate traveling with the visits to vets. Seeing a vet is not fun for a cat for sure.

     1. Make It Fun

The best thing to do is to help the cat have fun during the car ride. Make trips to the parks and for other activities via car instead of traveling only to consult a vet. Happy experiences will reduce your feline’s anxiety significantly.

     2. Figure The Real Problem

Now, this may take some time, but it is absolutely essential to determine whether your pal is only scared, hyper, or worst sick? Cats can have travel sickness too, in some cases it is evident like vomiting, but sometimes there are no visible symbols. It is up to the owner to closely observe for the root cause of abnormal behavior.

     3. Seek Advice From A Vet

If the pet gets super anxious or sick, then it is advisable to see a vet before you hop on to travel. The medications to sedate your lovely may help you both travel peacefully. If the moggy suffers from car sickness even then, medicines are required.

     4. Safety Measures

Always make sure you have planned everything keeping safety in mind. It is a common knowledge that felines love boxes, but sadly, they don’t consider the car as a box so, may need one with you.

     5. Make Car And Carrier Familiar

Not only to keep your cat happy but the box or a crate is necessary safety wise. A loose kitty can prove to be projectile furball. It will keep bouncing here and there, and this here and there includes you lap, steering wheel, and under the pedals too.

Don’t make a mistake by not introducing your fur baby to the car thinking it’ll be in the carrier. There is a reason they prefer to stay in the familiar environment, that’s cat nature. It will be nice to make the kitty familiar with the car before the journey begins.

     6. Encourage Them To Spend Time In The Car

Once introduced and calm inside the car start feeding your friend inside the car. Give all of their meals in the car so, that staying in a car doesn’t remain a big deal. It must become a part of normal routine before it is the only space you cat have to spend the traveling hours. Another way to reinforce the pet to stay in the car is by giving the high-value treats which you rarely give. It will make them associate the right things in the car.

     7. Let Them Out From The Carrier Occasionally

These animals are built in a way to embrace the status quo, they don’t like change and are a fan of routine. Keep this in mind while you travel as once familiar with the car and the safety of a carrier, your pet may give you a hard time coming out of the crate and using the litter box.

The journey under the six hours is alright, but any longer than that, you have to get the tabby out of the crate. If you don’t let them out once in a while, they may fall sick, and the entire travel would be so much problematic after that.

Make sure the car is parked, and no one is driving when you let the cat out of the bag (pun intended). It sounds very childish but still no harm in mentioning so here we go, when your cat is out of the carrier and chilling inside the car keep the doors and windows close.

     8. Don’t Forget Pet ID

Wherever you travel always have your pet wear ID. It could be anything a collar, a harness, anything with your name, address, and contact number. We don’t need to specify the reasons for ID.

     9.  Carry Disposable Litter Boxes

Investing in disposable litter boxes for the travel will be wise. Bring plenty of water with you. you shouldn’t spend a lot of money on these litter boxes as they will be discarded after one-time use. It will be better to make use of your internet skills and get some voucher codes 2019 for the litter.

However, remember that pets should only be allowed to drink when the vehicle is immobile. There is no need to leave a water bowl inside the crate as it will only create a mess by spilling. We are also sure that wet cats are not the happiest cats.

     10.  Taking A Plight Of Flight

Now, it is a whole other level of a ball game. Avoid making your cat travel in the cargo or luggage hold at any cost. Make sure it can travel with you under your seat. Ge proper paperwork is done and keep it with you all the time. Flying with the pets is way more stressful than driving with them. You need to double check with the airlines and make special arrangements.

Be Ready For The Surprises

Even after all the precautions traveling with a feline is not a cake walk. Be ready for the stress and hardships. No matter how much you and your cat are prepared, you’ll be in for some surprises.


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