Important Factors to Keep in Mind While Remodeling Your Bathroom

Your focus must necessarily be on the functionality of your bathroom while considering a bathroom remodeling project. You must concentrate on techniques to gain more storage space, boost lighting, and improve drainage so that the refurbished bathroom could be in good shape after years to come. As per, “Bathroom remodeling and design blend big dreams and practical realities. To make a bathroom work, it’s best to design from the fixtures and finishes backward to the walls and floor. The little things about an intimate room can make a huge difference in the day-to-day experience of it.”

At first, you would love to fulfill your dream and focus on factors such as the layout, color, heated floors, and try to move around different things to create the magic. Apart from these aesthetic elements, you need to concentrate on the stuff that goes behind the walls and materials used under the floors for making your overall bathroom design work effectively and affordably. Remember renovating a bathroom definitely, is not an easy affair or a small undertaking. So it is best to seek professional advice and assistance from experts responsible for bathroom remodeling Long Island. Before you want to tear up the tiles or pick out the tub, talk to bathroom remodeling specialists who earn their living by making splendid bathroom makeovers. Let us explore some of the key factors to consider before opting for a bathroom remodeling project.

Get Rid of Key Plumbing Concerns

Usually, all residential plumbing is known to use typically 1½-inch pipes that are meant for bathroom drains. Nobody could imagine the incredible amount of hair and gunk that find their way out through the drain. The wider the drain there would be less likelihood of it getting clogged every now and then. Plumbing experts know very well that there is hardly any cost difference for upgrading to a relatively wider; shower drain measuring 2-inch broad drain but it would prove to be beneficial. Moreover, if you are residing in an area where during the winter months temperatures generally, dip below the freezing point, you must make sure that the water supply lines are not routed via an exterior wall.

Focus on Lighting

You may use recessed light fixtures all through your bathroom ceiling for brightening up this cozy private room. You could incorporate one or maybe a couple of light fixtures in your shower using perfect shower trim. You may consider installing a good quality dimmer switch for effectively adjusting the mood and modifying the ambiance in your bathroom. Moreover, you must clearly determine the way your mirror would be utilized in your bathroom. Choose whether you would love to opt for functional or aesthetic lighting fixtures. If you intend to use the bathroom mirror for shaving or doing makeup, it is best to use light fixtures that promise brighter lighting.

Install a Window in Your Shower

If implemented properly, this could be pretty awesome. You should ideally have a panel of frosted glass for privacy reasons and also ensure that it opens up to let some fresh air in. Stone jambs along the installation are important to seal it and make it watertight. Home improvement experts recommend tilt-and-turn type windows for several reasons: the plastic handles don’t rust, the screen is outside the window, and even when tilted open, the windows provide significantly good privacy.

Include Medicine Cabinets for Your Own Convenience

You need to examine your bathroom and identify a space for your medicine cabinet. More often than not, this could be a fantastic way of saving a little bit of space just over your shallow vanity. Moreover, the extra framing is surely not going to upset your budget.

Privacy Is the Most Important Factor

Privacy is an important consideration as we know that bathrooms are often not for exclusive use and may be shared with other family members living in the same house. You may consider installing toilet rooms that are easily installable. Thanks to toilet rooms your master bath could prove to be really more accommodating for two family members who would be using it simultaneously.

Floor’s Warmth

Are you looking for a warm bathroom floor? When you are incorporating a shower or a heated floor, you need to understand its true implications since the transition area seems to be impacted. Moreover, remember that the transition would be bigger with relatively thicker floors.

Use Popular Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall-hung toilets have become quite popular in recent times and of course, for good reason. They are not exorbitantly priced anymore and do not burn a hole in your pocket. They are great for saving space as the cistern is actually hidden behind the specified wall. However, you need to think carefully about the installation of these ultra-chic and cutting-edge fixtures. You should realize that because of the way these toilets are used to draining, in the case, you decide again to shift to a floor-mounted toilet; you would be compelled to rework the water supply.

Shower Sills

The shower sills must be sloped perfectly into the shower. You should consider using solid materials such as quartz and stone.

Shower Floors

You must understand that when larger tiles are used on the shower floors, they may not be sloping perfectly and they will prove to be quite slippery if they are not having textured surface finish. You may opt for smaller-sized tiles on your shower floor as they are great at offering more traction. Even though smaller tiles are the norm, you have access to countless options.

Shower Bases

We no longer see the beige-colored prefabricated shower bases that were so boring and monotonous. Today, most modern shower systems have clean porcelain or acrylic bases. Choose one as per your preference and unique bathroom requirements.


While remodeling your home or even the bathroom, you need to remember you are not refurbishing your house for a future purchaser. You are doing it first of all, for yourself even if you are planning to reside in this house for maybe for the next five years or so. It is worth taking the pain and facing the challenge of remodeling provided you are doing it for yourself. Moreover, there is absolutely no guarantee that your future buyer would find everything appealing five or more years from now.

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