Android 8 Update: Oreo is Running on These Smartphones

Android 8 Oreo
That’s one thing with the Android 8 update. Sometimes a smartphone gets the latest version of the mobile operating system, sometimes not. It is almost coincidental, which device from which manufacturer gets which updates. And if the smartphone is more than two years old, there are no software improvements – right? We’ll show you which Android smartphones are either already shipped with Android 8 or in the future with Android 8 updates are supplied.
New features for better battery life and user experience
For more colourful conversations, the Android 8 update includes 239 new emojis. The so-called Unicode Standard in Version 10 includes the head-start smileys, vampires, mermaids, elves and zombies used in the title.
For example, with the picture-in-picture feature of the Android 8 update, you can keep Youtube videos running while you’re actually playing a game or writing a WhatsApp message to a friend. The video window also reduces automatically and can be moved freely on the display. So it never gets in the way and you remain multitasking capable despite video.
New notifications for more overview
The Notification Center of Android likes to run: Single WhatsApp messages, multiple emails and various game notifications make for a confusing listing, in which you then rather delete all notifications, rather than all to check. Here, too, Google is improving. The hints end up in folders so that the 20 new emails do not hide everything else and also further notifications can be displayed.
In the future, this is to avoid the “Notification Dots”: As usual, notifications are displayed on the App icon. By a long press on the icon, you open an overview of all notifications of the corresponding app.
Project Treble allows faster updates
Google knows about the update issue of Android notice. Still, around a quarter of all Android smartphones use Android 5.0 “Lollipop”. This version is over four years old and therefore neither safe nor contemporary.
The solution to outdated operating systems is Google’s internal “Project Treble”. It should speed up the update process considerably: The manufacturers of the individual smartphones must always make a few adjustments due to different hardware. This step is now eliminated so that no additional manpower is needed for the optimization. This should also ensure that more devices faster get the latest updates directly from Google. For you, this means that you are always protected from viruses. In addition, you automatically get the latest features and optimizations that make your phone even better.
The big Android 8 update list
As a software supplier, Google is no slouch and offers all current smartphones from its own company the update to Android 8. Google’s update policy promises that all devices under the age of 18 months will be equipped with the latest Android version, Older devices can be flashed even with newer software because of the open bootloader.
Google Pixel – Rolled Out
Google Pixel XL – rolled out
Google Pixel 2 – ex factory
Google Pixel 2 XL – Factory
Google Pixel C – rolled out
Google Nexus 6P – Rolled Out
Google Nexus 5X – Rolled Out
Samsung was long on the verge of whether the Samsung Galaxy S7 would get the Android 8 update. The device is not very old, but Samsung does not always take it so well with the latest updates. Especially through the extensive, self-programmed “Samsung Experience” the adaptation by Samsung takes a little longer. That’s why even very young smartphone models get the Oreo update.
Samsung Galaxy S9 – Ex works
Samsung Galaxy S9 + – Ex works
Samsung Galaxy S8 – rolled out
Samsung Galaxy S8 + – rolled out
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – rolled out
Samsung Galaxy S7 – rolled out
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Rolled Out
Samsung Galaxy A6 + (2018) – Ex-works
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) – Rolled out
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) – Rolled out
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) – Rolled out
Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) – Announced
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) – Announced
Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) – Ex works
The Chinese company Huawei is always at the forefront of delivering the latest software. No wonder that many devices get Android 8.0. The proprietary interface ” EMUI ” has also been adapted to the new version of the operating system. Huawei supports all features of Android 8.0.
Huawei Mate 10 Pro – ex factory
Huawei P10 – rolled out
Huawei P10 Plus – Rolled Out
Huawei P9 / P9 Plus – No
Huawei Mate 10 – Ex works
Huawei Mate 9 – Rolled Out
Huawei Mate 8 – Announced
Huawei Nova 2 – rolled out
Huawei Nova 3 – Ex works
Huawei Y5 – Ex works
Huawei Y6 – Ex works
Huawei Y7 – Ex works
Huawei P20 / P20 lite / P20 Pro – Ex Works
Honor is a subsidiary of Huawei. Nevertheless, the update policy is slightly different: The manufacturer promises updates for at least two years after the launch. This is largely the concern of the group. Even the Honor 8 gets – contrary to previous messages – the update to Android 8.0 Oreo.
Honor View 10 – Announced
Honor 9 – rolled out
Honor 8 Pro – Rolled Out
Honor 8 – Announced
Honor 7X  – Announced
Honor 6X – Beta
Honor 10 – ex works
Most HTC smartphones would have already received the Oreo update. The Group is always quite fast on deliveries of current software updates. Older devices but probably no longer get a new Android version. The new 2018 HTC smartphones will ship with Android 8 Oreo.
HTC U11 Plus – Rolled Out
HTC U11 Life – Rolled Out
HTC U11 – rolled out
HTC U Ultra – Announced
HTC 10 – rolled out
HTC U 12+ – ex works
HTC Desire 12 / Desire 12+ – Ex-works
At LG everything is as usual: Almost only high-end models get Android 8.0 Oreo. That’s a pity because even with inferior devices Android 8 can increase performance. But there are full updates for LG’s top models V30, V20 and G6.
LG V30 – rolled out
LG G6 – rolled out
LG G5 – Announced
LG Q6 – Announced
LG V20 – Announced
LG G7 ThinQ – ex-factory

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