5 Best Web Trends of 2019

It’s genuinely hard-nut-to-crack to predict trends in web design and development for the year 2019. It’s tricky, and prediction might go in the wrong direction. So, I’m going to share six best web trends after thorough research. In the past year, we experienced lots of improvement in web and app development niche. The HTML5 revolution, native features in the web app and new design tools have taken daily doings of amateur and experienced developers to the next level.

These are five web trends that you’re going to see in 2019:

     1. Artificial Intelligence is Getting Personal

AI will be a significant contributor to the development of fully personalized websites. The online sites will be capable of taking user experiences to the next level based on the data of users. In 2019, artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize web development and designing domain by far.

It’s certain that the web is going to get connected with AI which is sure quick way to reorient ways websites used to get designed. They are going to be user-centered and responsive due to the inclusion of artificial intelligence.

Likewise, machine learning is going to take analytics to the new heights. On the other hand, It’s not difficult to say that all apps developed with AI will act like a chameleon to transform itself as per the visitors’ choices.

     2. Diversity in the Workforce

There will a rapid increase in the workforce of web developers in 2019. Code camps continue to offer more diversity in the web developers and designers workforce. It’s correct that not all of the coding camps are made equal. However, the overall concept is to offer programming skills to an audience that’s deprived of opportunities to learn about website development and designing.

This is the cycle of learning fundamental tools and concepts of web development and prolonging this technical education on the job is going to produce the best and most talented developers.  And, this trend is surely going to continue. Well, it is a big step on the way to build a diverse and rich community of developers.

     3. Web pages with AR

Believe it or not, Augmented Reality (AR) is going to take the domain of web development by storm. In 2019, we’re going to see the rise of AR usage in web pages. Isn’t it? This technology doesn’t require you to wear headsets to avail VR. AR is easy to use. It’s a misconception that Augmented reality is just limited to games or snapchat filter; having AR with webpage will take your user-experience to the next level.

Just think for a while, you’re in the grocery store where you’re looking for ingredients to prepare your next meal, on the other hand, you’re unsure about the quantity of the ingredients required for preparation, with AR, you can quickly view the whole process in a matter of minutes. AR will undoubtedly ease up our digital life significantly.

Well, businesses should do in-depth research on customer’s activity before they make any advance in AR technology. Because this technology is entirely dependent on the customers’ behaviors and it’s dissimilar to years old VR technology that has a sweet spot in the gaming communities only. AR is the best way to arm yourself with the necessary information about clients.


     4. Voice Interface Takes Over

Who’s in this world that doesn’t know about voice assistants, i.e., Alexa and Siri, that’s why; the conversational interface is the critical part of app’s development. Since users have become accustomed to communicating with an online website with voice search, it’s essential for developers to integrate seamless voice search experience in web apps.

Let’s say; you’re sitting on a couch and viewing your social media feed, tell your voice assistant to read a particular article for them and enjoy, it’s way too much easy to find information with voice instead of other traditional inputs.

Get a New York web design company on board and enjoy excellent voice search experience.


     5. Size Does Matter

Developers are disposed to build smaller applications. App size was a big concern for web developers previously. However, the app’s size has taken back seat.

The size of an app matters most, and this is going to be trendy when developers would emphasis more on the development of smaller apps. It doesn’t mean that those apps will be faster, but these applications will be appropriate for markets with slow and expensive internet connections.

Final Word

2019 is the year when artificial intelligence will be part and parcel of web development. Similarly, there will be a new workforce of dedicated and well-trained developers, coders and web designers. Voice and AR integration will take user experience to the next level. Last but not least, small size apps will be omnipresent to give the best experience across the globe.


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