How Machine learning can benefit users from doing online shopping

Machine learning is an emerging technology of many fields in a day to day life.  Online shopping is a highly beneficiary field in grabbing customer, increase sales, high return on investment and in turns increase the reputation of the brand. Thus implementing artificial intelligence in retail industry enhances the business and takes it to the … Read more

Why 2019 is the Best Time to Start a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence: Do these words evoke images of a science fiction environment, sleek robots walking around, people freaking out, robots taking over the world, etc. Believe it or not, AI is indeed taking over the world. It is an undeniable fact as to how this knowledge expert system has taking a shift and is invading … Read more

5 Best Web Trends of 2019

It’s genuinely hard-nut-to-crack to predict trends in web design and development for the year 2019. It’s tricky, and prediction might go in the wrong direction. So, I’m going to share six best web trends after thorough research. In the past year, we experienced lots of improvement in web and app development niche. The HTML5 revolution, … Read more