Best Affordable Hotels near Bangalore Airport

Bangalore is a great place to visit. It has wonderful weather, it green, and has a great culture. There are some very interesting and exciting sites to see in Bangalore. But before you can enjoy these sites, you need a comfortable place to stay. The city has a large number of great hotels and guest houses, but it is easy to choose the wrong. That’s especially true if you’re looking for a couple hotel in Bangalore.

StayUncle is a great platform for people looking for safe, clean, and comfortable couples-friendly hotels. This article features some of the best and affordable hotels in Bangalore and near the airport.

1. Hotel Ramanashree Brunton

Ashok Nagar

This is one of the most affordable hotels in Bangalore that is also safe for couples. The rooms are clean, big, and modern. They also provide a great deal of privacy for couples who just want to spend some quality time together. The staff is friendly and helpful so the check-in process is stress-free.

You’re not missing out on quality, despite the affordability. The hotel still offers wifi, air conditioning, great food, 24/7 room service, car parking, airport pick-up, and transfer.

2. Aurick Boutique Hotel

JP Nagar

This is an affordable hotel located right in the heart of urban Bangalore. This means you can explore the city without traveling too far. A supportive staff will ensure your visit is pleasant and offer all the help you need for a comfortable stay.

Aurick Boutique Hotel has a cozy, intimate atmosphere that is ideal for couples who want privacy. The rooms are clean and well-designed while the ambiance is quiet and elegant.

3. Hotel Capitol Bangalore

Raj Bhavan Road

Guests who visited this hotel loved the beautiful, welcoming atmosphere of the space. Every staff member is dedicated and friendly, committed to ensuring guests have a great time here. The hotel is in a great location and offers a wide range of amenities including Wifi, air conditioning, car parking, room service, airport transfer, etc.

4. Hotel Royal Orchid

KGA Golf Course

This hotel is located in the heart of the city, which means all the popular sites and amenities are close by. This establishment offers some of the best customer services in the city. The staff is friendly, reliable, and discreet so you can enjoy complete privacy here. The beautiful décor and rich surroundings can make anyone’s hotel stay memorable.

Hotel Royal Orchid offers all the amenities you might expect from a great establishment like Wifi, air conditioning, food, room service, etc. The hotel also provides airport transfer so you don’t need to worry about making your own travel arrangements.

The rooms are spacious, clean, and well-decorated. The combination of safety and luxury makes Royal Orchid a favorite among StayUncle regulars and it offers Online Room Booking.

5. Hotel Royal Orchid Central

Dickenson Road

If you’re looking for a modern, safe, and beautiful hotel in the heart of the city, Royal Orchid Central is a great choice for you. It is only a seven-minute walk from the closest metro station and there are several other amenities nearby. The hotel offers all the desired amenities like wifi, minibars, air conditioning, food, room service, parking, etc.

The staff is helpful and judgment-free, which ensures your overall experience during the trip is very pleasant. If you’re in Bangalore and looking for safe hotels booking near by you, this is a great option.

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