Toxic Free Living: How to Keep Your Home Clean and Safe

Making your house clean is not that expensive. Especially if you are planning to imply a healthy and green way of cleaning your house, overall, we can start by looking at all the products you are using for cleaning purposes in the house. If you are using chemicals-based products for house cleaning, you might be in serious trouble. However, we cannot deny that chemicals that are toxic are everywhere.

According to Cleaning Service NYC, lead and pesticides are one of the key products that are used in cleaning homes. These two products can easily lead to different risks to your nervous system, asthma, and even cancer.

Are you worried about your family? Continue reading, and we will give you ten different alternatives to create a toxic-free life in cleaning your home.

Get House Dust Under Control

First of all, you are cleaning your house because of the dirt and dust that are in your home. It can trigger allergies in your family, especially when it is all over the place. We can use brooms, rags, and different materials, but we will need to take in that dust are always there in your home. What we can do now is to make it still under your control.

A good idea to control your dust is to go with wood, tile, or linoleum flooring. If you have that now, it’s good, but some are still going for carpet flooring and walling. Carpets are collectors of dust. Another idea is to vacuum frequently. Make sure to run on all parts of your house, especially the corners and the hidden floors.

Light and Color

Lighting and color of the house can give a significant effect in creating a happy and healthy environment in the home. By doing this, you can create a relaxing space for your family. You should pick the right colors for your wall, preferably the ones that are seen in nature. Also, develop windows that can allow natural light into your home.

Kick Nicotine Addiction

Believe it or not, smoking can affect your home’s cleanliness and toxicity. Secondhand smoke is portraying a lousy role here because it can trigger asthma even when you are not smoking in the house.

As many experts are telling us, smoking is just a waste of money. Also, it has adverse effects on your overall body system — not only you but also your whole family. If you are a smoker or has a nicotine addiction, you may see a doctor or professional help you quit smoking for good.

Familiarize Yourself With The Bad Ingredients

This is a common skill and knowledge for green cleaners, which is knowing all the harmful ingredients that can affect your home. Green Cleaning NYC recommended that you should look at all of your current cleaning products and look for harmful ingredients, if it has, you should stop using them since it can give adverse effects to your family. Search for different green alternatives and start your green cleaning habit as soon as possible.

Put a Lot of Indoor Plants

You can also put a lot of indoor plants in your home and create energy from it. It does not only help in giving a better environment in your home but also improving the air quality of your house. You can get indoor plants such as Mother-in-law’s tongue, Bamboo palm, Green spider plant, and others since these are said to be helping in reducing the chemical pollutants in your home.

Get your Home Tested

You also need to get your home tested for lead paint. Lead paint is a kind of paint that can give you a lot of adverse effects. Some of these adverse effects are risks of brain damage and cancer. You can let your local health office to help you with the lead paint testing in your house.

Another chemical that has terrible effects on you is radon. It comes from soil and rock underneath your home. It is a gas that can cause lung cancer. You can check for radon gas in your home by purchasing a home radon test kit.

Choose plastics wisely — and use them sparingly

Plastics, especially those that are using Bisphenol A, are giving different people risks of having cancer. Avoid using plastics overall and try to create a habit of finding alternatives. For instance, you should avoid plastic packaging for food and microwave your food with glass containers instead of plastic containers.

Ditch Pesticides

Using pesticides are an excellent way to kill different insects that are infested in your home. However, when these are used beyond that time that it is used, it can affect your children in different kinds of health issues such as asthma, learning problems, and even brain development. You can start by ditching pesticides if you do care for your children’s health. After that, you should always be clean with different parts in your house such as washing the dishes, cleaning all the food waste, all food containers are closed, and even covering any hole in your home.

Check Your Home For Dampness and Water Leaks

Check your house for different leaks and dampness. You should ask “why?”. This is because stagnant water and excess moisture can help in growing more mold and mildew in your home. Check in your bathroom and basements for these leaks and dampness. Also, look at the floors where you have your showers and tubs. If you need to know more about water leak detection services, you should see our helpful resource to understand how to tackle this task.

Wash Your Hands

Finally, you need always to clean your hands. A habit of still washing your hands can get rid of germs to be passed around. We all know that it is boring, but it has a lot of potential in helping us to be cleaner people and not become different agents of dirt and germs.

Antibacterial soaps are said to be helping in weakening our immune systems and contributes to giving a risk of allergies and asthma. You might want to skip using those soaps. Also, you can use regular soap only, as that and water will do a lot of things to kills germs. You should not look at the product but on the process.

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