6 Things You Wouldn’t Think To Do With Your Gift cards

Who doesn’t love themselves a sound gift card? Gift cards are becoming increasingly popular nowadays and are being used to purchase items at a discounted rate. Heck, you can even get free gift cards online with sites like PrizeHog. Those of you who aren’t familiar with what a gift card is, it is a form of prepaid debit card that has funds or benefits for future use.

Gift cards have become more popular as a present on special occasions. Tickets that are a popular addition to your collection are welcome. But sometimes you might end up with cards that are of little to no use to you or your family. These are the awkward times when you don’t know how to put them to use. But worry no more. Below are some ways you wouldn’t think of putting your cards to use:

1. Donate It

If you don’t have any use for the gift card, then donating it would be a great option rather than letting your gift card go to waste. There are many Non-Profit Organizations where you can give the card. They can use the map to buy things that can be of use to the organization. It may also prove to be helpful for them for raising funds!

2. Buy something for someone else

If you want to use your card, you can do it to purchase something. This is a great way to buy a gift for someone else who might like the present while saving some of your own money. If not used for buying gifts for someone, you can also purchase goods for charities and donate it to them. In that way, you would’ve used the card and also done a good deed. Feels good, right?

3. Re-Gift It

If you’re unhappy with the issuer’s refund policy, you might want to take a look at this option. The word ‘Gift card’ says it all. Just give it to someone who you think might get some benefit out of the card. Of course, this also means that you might not get anything close to the value of the card. But at least you will be able to meet a gift obligation to someone else without actually losing anything from your pocket. So wrap it in a beautiful paper, and give it away!

4. Use it to purchase items you can sell later

This is a great idea in which you can earn some profit. You can purchase items using the gift card you own at a discounted rate and resell it to someone at your price. You can also sell these items on online platforms such as eBay, where you can securely sell your product to a genuine customer, and you get to keep the extra cash in your pocket! It’s a win-win situation.

5. Use gift card exchange websites

Another awesome thing you can do is exchange your card at websites. There are many websites where you can exchange your voucher for another one you may use. You may exchange your ticket for another one that might cost a little more, so you might end up spending a little money in the exchange process, OR you can exchange your card for another one which is of a lesser value, and you may end up with some cash for yourself!

6. Return the Gift Card to the Retailer

This is the most preferred way to deal with a gift card that you might not use, but it may be a bit complicated. The retailer might take the gift card back but might not give you a 100% refund. You might get a 90% refund or less.

Sometimes, the retailer might ask you for the purchase receipt, which can make things a bit awkward, considering you got the card as a gift. Other times, the retailer might offer you an in-store credit, which is of little to no use unless you buy something from their store or one of their outlets.

The best thing to do in such a condition is to ask the person who gave you the gift card for the purchase receipt to get a refund. It will be a little awkward, but in the end, it’s worth it.

Whatever you do with your gift cards, the worst thing you can do is let them sit and expire until they’re of no use. So now you know that you can do so much more with gift cards that are so profitable than let them expire and go to waste! I hope this article helped you get more use of the tickets you’ve been collecting. Cheers!


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