Texture Packs – For Minecraft Modpacks Games

The texture packs are the files collections that were used to change the texture of the game, like blocks, items, mobs, and GUI. These contain the diverse PNG images and the text document i.e. pack.txt and these were all compressed in the .zip folder. The Minecraft texture packs were of 16×16 pixels measured as height and width blocks.

You can find the best Minecraft texture packs available in the market for the modpacks games. The texture packs were replaced by the resource packs which provided more control over the textures and the other features of the games which were in Java Edition 1.6.1.

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If you are SNES games lovers and want to enjoy the texture packs in the SNES games then you can search for the best SNES game on the internet and install them using the texture packs as well.

Contents Of The Texture Packs

The texture packs contain the collection of the various images which are in the form of PNG and the pack.txt text document, which has all the description of the texture packs. And all these are included in the .zip folder in the root directory of the system.


How To Install The Texture Packs

You need to follow the below steps for the installation of the texture packs for the Minecraft modpacks

  • Download the texture pack and boot the Minecraft.
  • Click on the options button
  • Then click on the Resource Packs button
  • Then click on the Open Resource Packs folder
  • Now drag the folder in the folder
  • Now the texture packs will appear in the add-ons of the usable list

Installation Tips For Texture Packs


  • After the installation of the texture packs if you find that the main menu hasn’t changed, then need not to worry and don’t think that the texture packs are not working, some times the texture packs only redesigns few features only and not all.
  • You can install the multiple texture packs which can overlap each other.
  • The currently in use texture pack will not change but if you switch to the default texture of the modpacks and then open the installed texture packs then all the textures may get change.
  • If the downloaded folder is in the .zip folder format then there will be another folder in it which you need to move or paste in the texture packs folder of the Minecraft modpacks.
  • If you are using the older version of the Minecraft and installed the newer version of the texture pack it will automatically support the older version of the Minecraft.
  • From the editor option you can make the texture pack of your own.



Converting Texture Packs To Resource Packs

Mojang’s converter tool, which is also known as the texture ender can be used to convert the texture packs. The conversion of the texture packs includes the two-step process, i.e. first need to convert it to 1.5 and then the converter can convert 1.5 to 1.6 both the files are

  • Unstitched
  • TextureEnder



  • The texture file is saved as the option.txt in the folder of Minecraft which is named as the .minecraft folder. This is useful when the texture pack is crashed, which makes the impossible to change the texture selection screen. And need to just erase the pack name by resetting it to the default.
  • The texture packs are the resource packs which only adds the texture in the Minecraft marketplace.


Conclusion: I hope so you all like this article where I have written about the Texture packs used in the Minecraft modpacks and how to install them and use them in the games of Minecraft modpacks.

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