The Best Bobblehead Ideas That Can Make Great Money

Bobbleheads have become a great idea for businessmen and teens alike to make some money on the side, while also focussing on our main job. A side hustle, of sorts, these bobbleheads are also becoming a trend recently, fetching great amounts of money for both teens and the suppliers who make them, and hence this would be a great time to invest in these wobbly little things.

Things like Superman bobbleheads, and other limited superhero collectibles have been making news of selling for big bucks. While this is all true, there are also certain bobbleheads that are gaining popularity and attracting huge investors recently. Yes, we’re talking about Custom Bobbleheads. Sites like Modern Bobbleheads have been constantly playing a part in increasing the popularity of customized bobbleheads with their exceptional build and great quality.

Confused as to what kind of bobblehead to invest your money in to turn a profit, and make quick bucks? Do not worry, for in this article we discuss the best bobbleheads that can make money for you, if you play your cards right, and even turn into a profitable side hustle.

Black Panther

If your kid is a big fan of the marvel universe then gifting your kid a black panther bobblehead will make the present extremely unique and meaningful. Because the kids these days’ love marvel characters more than ever and having them a gift like that will make their birthdays so special. And they can also brag about this gift to their friends and tell them how much their loved one’s care about them. and the black panther character has won the hearts of others after the release of the movie civil war the fans loved the character and then when the black panther movie released it just got so trending and the fans loved the movie.

This character has been the new trend since after the Avengers Endgame, Ironman and the other heroes are no more. So seeing the role they played this character has been wonderful and your child will love it. It’s just three and a half-inch tall and the appearances are so cute that everyone loves it. This toy is best suited for kids whose age is above three and is a fan of the Marvel universe

Mickey Mouse

This cartoon character also happens to be our favorite and we also grew watching them. this bobblehead of mickey mouse is cute and your kid will love it. Since the character is funny and it no one hates mickey. In the year 1928 mickey mouse made his debt into the cartoon world and ever since then it has won the hearts of everyone. People love mickey mouse and he is that famous that everyone knows who Mickey Mouse is. There are also movies that were launched on this character.

From black and white screens to modernized high definition television sets, this character has been iconic throughout history even to date. Mickey Mouse is still telecast on television and it still has more viewers than it all started from the first cartoon to the best cartoon ever everyone loves it. And your kids will also love this bobblehead and it would become his favorite to play with.

There are several rare editions of Mickey Mouse bobbleheads that can fetch you at least a couple grand. You can find these online, but they are not easily found and would return a high profit.

Barbie Doll

If your kid is a girl child then having her the most favorite which any girl loves is the Barbie doll and the bobblehead version of that is so much awesome. They are cute, gentle and most importantly they nod their heads when asked a question if they don’t you can make them nod their heads for you.


The history of the Barbie doll is quite famous. At first, when this idea was presented it didn’t sell well to the managers so they reject it but after some time after the designer convinced the idea about this and the Barbie doll first made its debut in the 1950s and it sold out pretty well. Over 350,000 of these dolls were sold and the kids loved it. So as time changes to add a little update to the system why not just give Barbie an update of the bobblehead. Your child would love the notion of this doll and it’s pretty famous as well. They are also pretty limited edition and can fetch huge sums if you find the right buyer.

A custom bobblehead of their own

This idea is unique and at the same time new for you to try. Imagine giving your own kid a bobblehead of his own. This will make him feel special and while playing with other toys he can have his doll to set up a drama or an action of these toys. You can also change his attire of the clothes and have him dress up as Spiderman or even his favorite character can make his day special.

Having a custom one is not so difficult to create as well. There are a lot of sites that help with this, and Modern Bobbleheads is one of the best when it comes to this job. All that you would have to do is just send us a picture of your son in the left, right and straight view so that we can develop the toy with the similarities and the look-alike features.

Having it all look the same and you can also add his pet next to him making it more special for him and memorable at the same time and if you don’t have a pet then you can put a car beside him or anything that makes this amazing gift more special and memorable for your kid.


You can customize the bobblehead by giving him a pet bobblehead as a gift to him. This would be a unique way of approach but your kid will love it. As kids they love pets and by giving him a miniature version of the pet to play with will only make him feel happier and he can add this to his toys shelf and whenever he plays with his toys he can put a sideway for his pet toy to play with him. This can be one of the best gifts for your child to play and hang out with.

This bobblehead while nodding and playing with him will have him feel happy and joyous. This will also make it easier to manage your kids by diverting them with toys so that you can feed them and bath them too.

Bobbleheads are really beginning to catch the wave, and you would be smart enough to invest in these mini money makers early enough. Sites like Modern Bobbleheads can help you create and supply custom bobbleheads as you like and have them home delivered to the best interest of the customer.

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