Eye makeup is the trend these days! You can see a variety in the methods of colouring your eyes with any product possible. Apart from products, there are just so many eye makeup designs to create and replicate that the world is not going to see the end of it anytime soon! Grab some eye-catching (pun intended) beauty deals today and start building your makeup kit!

There are a lot of products you could use to create the best eye look and ace your makeup game. Here are some of the few that you need to have in your vanity as soon as possible!

  • A colourful eyeshadow palette
  • Matte black eyeliner
  • Volumizing or lengthening mascara
  • Kohl pencil
  • Eyebrow pencil

That’s it! Having these in your eye makeup kit is more than enough. If you are a beginner, having these is an amazing start to your eye makeup collection and if you are a professional, you can add more to this starter pack to create a kit of your own.

Still, wondering why invest in eye makeup?

Eyes are a part of your body that speaks the loudest, after your mouth, of course! They speak volumes about how you feel about things and also about a person. The same concept goes for your eye makeup. How bold or neutral is your eye, directly or indirectly indicates your mood for the day or the vibe you are going for.

This is why you need to get your hands on some amazing products that can be found at great discounts entailing the constant beauty deals going on throughout the internet!

What are the products you could buy?

The Sunny Days Eyeshadow Palette: The Sunny Days Eyeshadow Palette by Colourpop consists of all the autumn-like shades and is perfect for Halloween and through to a Thanksgiving Dinner. The palette is a perfect blend of warm browns and a pop of colour with yellow in it!

  1. ETUDE HOUSE Eye Brow Contouring Multi-Pencil:

The ETUDE HOUSE is a renowned Korean beauty brand famous for its natural finish products. This eyebrow pencil is pretty much the same! The major selling point is that it is a 3-in-1 product which has:

  1. An eyebrow pencil
  2. An eyebrow gel, and
  3. A highlighter shadow pen

These three altogether in the same product makes it very easy to use and extremely affordable! The eyebrow pencil comes with a tip in the shape of a heart which, believe it or not, makes it pretty easy to use for a beginner!

  1. NARS Eyeliner Pencil:

NARS is a loved brand throughout the world! Apart from some beautiful face makeup products, this brand also has an extremely impressive eye makeup collection. This eyeliner pencil from Mars is much pigmented and is a dark black colour that will enhance the entire look you are going for.

Use it as smudged eyeliner, line your waterline with it or do a Smokey eye, this pencil will help you do everything!

Get convinced to start your eye makeup collection!

All you need to understand is the basic skills of putting on an eyeshadow while on a run. Practice some neutral looks with the browns and you are good to go for maximum events in your life! And after that, come to our beauty deals to choose your preference!


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