3 Reasons Why You Should Learn App Development

Selecting the right profession can prove to be challenging. There are numerous aspects to take into account, and this makes it a difficult decision to make. For example, you should pick a career that you will be satisfied with even after several years. Besides, you should choose a profession that pays well, allows you to advance career-wise, and helps you network with other experts. One of the best professions that can fulfill all these ambitions for you is app development.

New career option

There are different justifications for you to pursue app development as a profession. A report by Glassdoor revealed that the average yearly salary for app developers in the U.S is approximately $97,986. As such, the high compensation makes app development one of the best professions you should learn.

There are many sites that offer free Android app development courses, such as the Android App Development Boot Camps. To better understand how to become a good Android developer, let’s consider the three reasons you should learn Android apps development.

Depending on how much you want to emphasize your mobile strategy, you can either hire an app development agency or bring your app development team into the house. On the other hand, it is advisable to outsource the development project of the app to an app development expert in many cases.

Java and other tools

The Java programming language, and it’s plugins are an invaluable asset that needs to be top priority whenever learning technical Android application and its growth. In comparison to iOS, it is possible to build Android on a PC, on Mac, or even on a Linux computer so you can start on any machine.

And again, all the tools you need to become an Android app programmer are free of charge. The most successful way to practice Android Development is with the new Java SE update downloaded and updated from Oracle’s website.

Understanding Java well will be very beneficial for the development of Android apps, but you will also be able to acquire useful skills in the labor market. For native and mobile app development, you need to understand the Java programming language and Android programming languages.

One of the most important reasons Java is the first choice for app developers is that it is straightforward to learn and start and offers extensive community support, which is additional help for new developers. The development environment for Android applications feeds the app developer, a newcomer, and looking for extra support.

There are many resources available to take care of all your app development needs. In this respect, it has always been conducive to smooth learning and has nurtured the development environments for Android applications.

The following are three main reasons for you to learn app development.

 The Increasing Demand for App Development Services

The demand for app development services is on the rise. Similarly, app developers’ experience in using low code tools is on the rise. For instance, studies have shown that the app development field’s employment opportunities are expected to grow by 12% by 2024. Besides, app developers are learning several programming languages, including C++, Swift, Java, Python, and HTML5. App developers need to learn multiple coding languages due to the rising demand for app development services.

Additionally, the emergence of new app development fields like UX and UI design has increased app developers’ demand. The growing popularity of new technologies such as wearable technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) has further accelerated the need for app development experts. Wearable devices are made of smart sensors to enable them to connect with your smartphone. Such devices require apps to communicate with your phone, leading to an increase in demand for app development services. Ultimately, these reasons make app development a perfect profession for you to learn.

Android devices have a market share of over 80 percent, while iOS has a market share of less than 15 percent. When you look at the data, depending on which country you are in, the market share of Android vs. iOS has decreased. But it’s essential to take some time to read, consider all the advantages and drawbacks of Android vs. iOS before you decide.

Android vs. iOS: Which one will get you a job faster

The wars of dominance between the two largest smartphones are over, and none of them will ever vanish.

And this consistency is mirrored in the developer work market. On Dice, the amount of Android-related positions advertised by employers remained reasonably high last year, and the number of Android applicants submitted applications. Like iOS, the demand among the employers of technology specialists specialized in Apple’s OS even throughout 2017, as the workforce supply for those jobs remained pretty much the same.

Android Benefits

The greatest thing about Android, and why you should know how to create Android applications, is its open-source aspect. This means that you’re not charged for starting with Android, so you start working without buying a license. Speak about how simple it is for a novice who wants to learn about designing Android apps?

The world demand for mobile devices continues to dominate Android.

The number of mobile device users is growing, and Android runs the vast majority of these devices. This sheer number of Android users makes Android production a wise step to learn.

Requires Little or No Starting Capital

App development requires minimal or no start-up capital. For instance, developing an Android app is relatively cheap. Unlike Apple, the Android app development platform doesn’t charge yearly fees. Additionally, you don’t pay for the Software Development Kit, making it cost-free to start your app development career. Another reason to learn Android app development is that Android Studio operates across all platforms, unlike iOS, which operates only on Mac.

You can also join app development forums like HyperionDev to learn how to develop Android apps. For instance, you can learn Android app development in Java, develop and launch your apps into the Android Studio, and build apps using modern technologies. Once you qualify, you get accredited by Google as a professional app developer. In the end, the low start-up costs can make it easy for you to learn and launch your career as an experienced app developer.

Flexible Work Schedules and Fast Approval of Your Apps

With an app development career, you can either work independently as a freelancer or an established firm. Since app development services have high demand, you have the upper hand in dictating your work schedules.

Additionally, learning app development can be beneficial to you financially. For instance, when it comes to launching your app to Play Store, Google approves faster than Apple. For this reason, you should consider venturing into the app development profession.

With the Android Play Store, you don’t risk your app being declined or waiting long before it goes live. Google mainly confirms aspects like customization, piracy, authenticated content, and security features. Given the fast and straightforward approval process, you can be sure your app will launch quickly. Ultimately, these reasons are sufficient for you to start learning app development.

The advancement of technology has helped several industries to shift into online-based platforms. Because of this shift, the demand for smartphone apps has increased. As a result, app development services are in high demand. In turn, there are many reasons to start learning app development. Some of them include the increased demand for app development, little or no starting capital, flexible work schedules, and the fast approval of your apps. Overly, these reasons offer you sufficient prove that app development is a lucrative profession worth learning.

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