Planning New Sports for 2019

As we head into Christmas, some people are already thinking ahead to the New Year and the possibility of making resolutions, especially ones that they might actually keep. If you have been thinking about trying a new sport then why not make that your resolution this New Year; make 2019 the year when you try new sports and maybe find something you really love doing.

You might think that sport isn’t for you. Perhaps you have memories of hating PE at school,  but doing finding a sport that you might enjoy doesn’t need to be anything like that at all. While it is true that there are plenty of team sports you can get involved in; and they do offer you a rather good introduction to the sport, there are also plenty of sports you can get involved in on a more individual basis.

Here are just a few new sports you could try in 2019.


If you love the great outdoors then why not combine that love with a new sport. Plenty of sports will allow you to get out there and really soak up the great outdoors while exercising.

Why not head to the beach? There are plenty of great sports you can try there, and the UK has some truly amazing beaches that are just waiting to be explored. Boogie boarding or even windsurfing are great new challenging sports that you can take up on your own. If you have never done either before then you might want to find someone who can give you a few pointers before you take that big step into the water; it’s always better to know the basics first. Don’t forget that while our UK beaches are beautiful the weather can be something of a challenge and it isn’t always as warm as you might like so investing in the right clothes for water sports is a must. And, remember as soon as you come out of the water you will really feel a chill, so make sure you have a changing robe to help keep you warm. If you plan ahead you could always pop one on your Christmas list for Santa!


If you loved cycling as a child why not consider taking it up again as an adult? Cycling can be so much more than just a means of getting you to work. There are some great country lanes and off-road cycling tracks that offer a real variety to anyone looking to take up cycling. If you would prefer to join a group, then don’t worry, there are plenty of local groups that get together to go out and explore on their bikes. This can be a fantastic sport for anyone who is not only looking to get healthier in the New Year but also wants to find others to socialize with.

Racket sports

If you would prefer an indoor sport, then why not take a look at racket sports. Let’s face it, the beginning of the year can be a little on the chilly side, so an indoor sport would certainly be easier to stick with.  Your local sports center should be able to provide you with details of everything from squash to badminton. If you have never played before and feel the need for a bit of practice then why not take a friend along with you. If, however, you have played before but are a little rusty, then see if there are any local groups you could join where you will be able to find other people to play against.

Taking up a new sport or outdoor activity could be a great way to a happy, healthy new year, so why not give it a go?

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