How to Measure the Quality of PVC Strip Curtains

PVC strip curtains create a barrier where you do not need or want a functional door, especially in a high traffic area with frequent footfall, if you still want to be able to have a defense against things such as dust, flies, insects, and noise. If you have forklift trucks and vehicles passing through, PVC strip curtains allow the flexibility to accommodate for them too. They are extremely popular within the food industry as they are an affordable solution to being able to maintain a certain temperature which can be crucial in the production and storage process. They are tailor-made to fit any opening and extremely easy to maintain and look after.

What makes a good quality PVC strip curtains

The characteristics of a good quality PVC strip curtain, for example, will be made from high-quality material, as they are used to create a barrier from the outdoors and harsh environments, so you need to make sure the material will do the job well. You can get different thickness and width of the actual strip depending on the environment you need it for. PVC strip curtains are not just a short-term solution though, so you need to make sure they are durable. For instance, a good quality curtain will allow you to be more energy efficient, protecting more from the cold means you can decrease your energy costs as they reduce the temperature loss.

Getting what you need

There are many different types of PVC strip curtains, they differentiate from the width to the thickness of the strip. Depending on what you need to get out of your PVC strip curtain depends on which type you’ll need. If you are in a sterile environment, or where hygiene standards need to be high, then the anti-microbial PVC strip curtain would be the perfect match as it has been created to promptly kill any bacteria and fungi that come into contact with the strips.

Alternatively, double ribbed PVC strip curtains are designed to prevent them from sticking together from moisture and condensation buildup, but they also have an added strength from being double ribbed. These are the best fit if the environment they will be placed in is windy as they are more likely to stay in place. If you are not looking to protect against anything in particular but need to create a barrier, then the standard PVC strip curtains will still do a good job – but are likely to come out a little cheaper.

Shopping around

As a business, there is nothing more frustrating than finding what you think will be a good supplier for your PVC strip curtains then finding the product they send you isn’t up to the quality you’re looking for. You, as a business, do not have money to waste, so it is wise to make sure you do your research to get your value for money on your strip curtains. It might be worth asking for a sample to be sent to you if you can’t be sure of the quality, or reading online reviews to see what other businesses have thought of the quality of products on offer.


Some companies will offer a package that includes the fitting and maintenance of your PVC strip curtains. As PVC strip curtains tend to deteriorate over time and can start to look tired no matter what the initial quality of the product, a maintenance package will prolong their life, giving you the value for money you need from the product.

Considering the above factors is sure to help make your purchase of PVC strip curtains one you won’t have to do regularly.

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