How Travel App development works well for your travel agency

If you are the owner of a travel agency, then we suggest that you should try to branch out using the digital platform to connect more organically with your target audience.

A recent survey by the Bitkom investigation has revealed that more than 25% of the inspiration to travel comes through the Internet today.

If we go through this study further, we will find that nearly 64% of the tourists use the social networks, advertisements, travel blogs to find out more about the place where they plan to visit.

Furthermore, nearly 50% of the travelers take the services of travel agencies to book a trip (hotel rooms, transport, food et cetera).

The reason people are flocking to the travel agencies stems from their confidence that the travel agencies will keep their data secure and give them a hassle-free competitive travel package for a memorable trip.

This fact gives the travel agencies a great starting point to attract more people by offering them lucrative deals as well as a fantastic service to convert them into repeat customers.

However, the travel sector is highly competitive and there are scores of travel agencies operating in every city focusing on the same market.

If you want to compete with them effectively and attract more clients, then you should invest in creating mobile travel apps.

The reason you should put more focus on travel app development compared to a website development (which is also very important) is that people nowadays like to have real-time support whenever they need it. And travel app offers your client that support.

Statista Investigation, an online research website has shown that the travel app holds the record for the longest uninstall periods. This information proves that people find travel apps very useful.

Therefore, to stay relevant in this industry and offer more value-added services to your target audience, you must contact a travel app development company to design a highly functional travel app for your business.

Benefits that a travel app to the travel agency 

1). A comprehensive solution for travelers as well as travel agents:

 A travel app offers a one-stop solution for all requirements related to travel.

This information includes ticket availability, cost of hotel rooms, payment options, itineraries, the places to go, restaurants, hotels nearby and many more.

When you offer all these services through your mobile app, then your customer will not be looking for other avenues to get information.

The travel agents, on the other hand, can get all the information they require about the tourist and not have to rely on the back office.

When you plan travel app development, you must keep in mind that the app should offer the opportunity to the travel agents to be proactive in solving any problem that tourists may face when they are out on a tour on a real-time basis.

2). Latest offers and discounts: 

A mobile app gives you the perfect tool to provide special offers as well as discounts to your target audience.

This personalized approach is a great help in creating brand loyalty and improving the chances of a repeat order.

When planning travel app development, you must focus on offering a great experience to the app users.

Additionally, make sure that the app provides the best possible deals along with comprehensive information about various destinations in easy to understand way, then you will gain a permanent customer for your business.

3). Greater personal engagement: 

While exclusive deals and discounts are very important to attract new customers, you must never forget the user experience while designing the travel app.

UI/UX of a travel app is extremely important and plays a vital role in making the mobile application successful.

You should ensure that the app is easy to use and has great content and features to engage the interest of the users effectively.

4). Within reach: 

Nowadays, smartphones have become quite an inseparable companion.

This has created a great opportunity for businesses like travel agencies to leverage their services and offer greater value for money to their app users.

A Smartphone has become a multifunctional device that not only allows you to look up various information but also buys services, looks for places on the maps as well as viewing the reviews of a restaurant, places, services before buying them.

A Smartphone can also be used to carry the digital copy of train or plane tickets, use as digital wallets and many more so that you are never inconvenienced when you are traveling out with your family and friends.

5). Offer better customer service: 

When traveling, your client may face emergencies that include flight delay, late or early arrival, transfer failure and so on.

If you have a dedicated travel app, then your clients can instantly contact your agency or the representatives to solve the problem.

This enhanced customer support will increase their dependability on your mobile app and they will trust your company more.

This will result in a satisfied customer who will be sure to contact your travel agency when they are planning their next trip.

6). It offers real-time updates: 

A mobile app allows you to offer real-time updates regarding the train timing, weather conditions, any change in booking status to prevent any difficulty to your clients.

7). Increases Loyalty:

If you offer your app users better service, improved features, discounts, and exclusive deals that are tied to any loyalty program, it will help you retain your existing customers and add new ones.

8). Brand promotion: 

The Mobile app allows you to create a more intimate connection with your customers and get more details about them which is not possible through the regular channels.

This allows you to offer highly customizable deals thereby increasing their loyalty towards your brand significantly.


A highly functional travel app not only helps you offer better services to your clients but also gain some priceless statistics that is very important to create strategies to improve your business.

It also allows you to handle the various products, reports, as well as payment policy.

Therefore, if you wish to expand your business and offer highly enhanced services to your clients, then you should hire the services of a reputable travel app development company to build a customized app for your travel agency.

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