How to Create Your Own Video Sharing Platform Just Like YouTube

In the modern world, people like to share everything as a video. Whatever sensation happens in the world, people will make videos about that and then upload it on YouTube. YouTube gives us entertainment, news, education, etc.…

Not only YouTube but the popularity of other over-the-top (OTT) platforms have observed a significant rise due to the quality of content available on them. With the COVID-19 impact, these platforms will further experience an increase in popularity as most other entertainment sources like cinemas and theatres are shut down. According to research, on average, an individual spends at least 6 minutes every day watching YouTube. Moreover, if YouTube were stock in the share market, its value would have $75 million. 

Experts say YouTube has turnover 15 billion American dollars per year. Imagine if you can build your business website similar to youtube, then you may earn more money. You may think that you have to be an expert in coding for creating a website, but now you can create your website even if you don’t know anything about coding. 

Many years ago, one had to learn coding languages like CSS, Javascript, and HTML if he wanted to create a website, but today you can create a website without coding. The following are the step by step procedures for making a youtube like a website on your own.

1. Buy A Domain Name

A domain name is like a username. Only with the help of the domain name people can identify your website. For example, is the website of youtube. If you want to find out about issues where you can’t comment on youtube, check here. Here your tube is the domain name. You can purchase your domain name from domain registration websites. 

Some websites offer the domain name freely; some charge for it. Sometimes the domain name you choose was already taken by someone. In that case, you have to change your domain name. Always remember that your domain name should relate to your business.

2. Web Hosting

The next step is registering a web hosting address. Many providers offer yearly and monthly plans for your website. You have to decide how long you will run your website and choose your hosting provider according to this.

3. Download WordPress

You have to install a word press on your personal computer. You can download the word media as a zip file and then install it with MYSQL. After installing it, you have to register your mail id and set a password just it. You are login into word press now. You have to enter the domain name you purchased before in the domain area then your layout window is open. 

Word press also allows you to purchase domain names freely. But your domain name is associated with word press. For example, your site may look like www. my site.WordPress. Many people won’t like other watermarks on their website. But if you want to purchase the domain name freely, you can use this technique. If you want to remove the watermark later, you have to pay for it.

4. Selecting A Video Theme

This is the primary step for creating a website. You have to choose the right theme. There are many themes available on word press. Video pro is the best theme for creating youtube like websites. Video pro offers user subscriptions, live streaming, etc…These features make your website more similar to youtube. 

In video pro, you can upload your video using my sample video folder. Install the selected theme; now, your website design is ready. You can also customise the theme. The more you put effort into customising the music will make your website attractive. Always remember to design your website with ads that may attract the user. 

You can add plug-ins that may connect your site to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc…This will make your site user friendly. People can share your site videos easily if you add plug-ins. There are also various themes like ThemeForest, video box, video stories, etc. You can choose the best one for you.

5. Launching The Site

This is the last procedure for creating your website; after customising your website, you can activate it by clicking the activate icon. Then only people can see your website. Until you launch your site only, you can see your site.

If you want to add users to your website, you can add them later using the settings. Admin can control all the works of the sites. The one who creates the website is called the admin. But if the admin wants to add someone as admin, he can do it with the settings’ help. If you’re going to add someone as a blogger on your website but don’t want to share the admin area with them, you can add them as a blogger, not admin.

Creating a website is one of the most critical marketing needs. In the world of the pandemic, people are showing more interest in online products. So it is mandatory to have a website for trade. I hope you can learn how to create a website on your own from this guide. You don’t need any technical skills for it. You have to be creative.

6. Developing The Website From Scratch

This is one of the most time consuming and conventional ways of constructing a website. But on the flip side, this method will lead you to develop a website that is unique and customised according to the way the developer wants it to be. To carry out this method, you will require a team of experts in web development who will help you develop an efficient, fast, safe, and productive website with a minimum amount of investment. This method can be carried out in the following steps.

  1. The first step is to choose a well experienced and knowledgeable team of web developers.
  2. Brainstorming the team with your idea and being open to suggestions given by them to produce a good website.
  3. Selection of backend and frontend technology, which is responsible for the features on a website.
  4. Installation of different hardware for the implementation of technology.
  5. According to the plan, development of the website and supervising all the operations being carried out to launch the website on the scheduled date.
  6. Launch the website for the users. 

7.  Developing Website Using Cms

 Using the CMS for developing the website’s base is one of the most efficient ways as CMS provides you speed, security, and efficiency. Furthermore, if CMS were not there, then developing a website for a naïve in coding would have been next to impossible, as most of the websites earlier were based on coding done by CSS, HTML, and JAVA. The best CMS available in the market is WordPress. 

 Why Select WordPress?

  1. It’s free software.
  2. You can select the theme from a plethora of themes available.
  3. Increase the functionality of the website.
  4. The site will be adaptable.
  5. Enhanced security and performance.

Steps To Follow To Create A Website

  1. Purchase a Domain name

The domain name is the name of the website. A domain name is a name that the user will type to access your website. Try to keep a domain name that is catchy, easy to remember, and meaningful. 

  1. Select a Host for the website

Web hosting is a service that allows an individual or organisations to make their website accessible on the World Wide Web. The hosting service’s other functions are to provide speed, performance, and support to the users. Some of the best Indian web hosting services are provided by Hostinger, Bluehost, Siteground, Hostpapa, etc.

  1. Install CMS

As mentioned earlier, the best free CMS is WordPress. So after choosing a domain name and hosting service, it’s time to install WordPress.

  1. Select an interesting Video Sharing theme

After installing WordPress, the next step involves selecting a basic theme for your website, which is carried out by choosing a theme from WordPress’s many themes. 

  1. Optimize the landing page and theme according to your needs

The landing page is the website’s home page, and in this step, the page should be optimised to enhance the functionality and practicality of the website.

  1. The last step is to launch the website

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