Top 6 YouTube To MP3 Converters Of 2020

Top 6 YouTube To MP3 Converters Of 2020

YouTube is the home of content in this day and age. With millions of content creators and billions of viewers, it is the world’s largest public content platform. There are billions of YouTube videos that get uploaded every day, and the number is just increasing day by day. You can find YouTube videos on nearly every topic that you desire. This massive collection of data gives people a choice to select the best video which they like.

The music industry has always seen a boom on the platform since its inception. People love watching videos and listening to songs on the go using YouTube. With the music industry’s growing viewer base, music streaming services are charging people for downloading their songs.

This is why people have found a loophole through which they can easily download those songs in high quality on their device just by using a converter. It consumes significantly less time and is better for bulk downloads. Instead of paying for these songs, people can easily download them in a few minutes right on their device. This omits the requirement for streaming songs, which might sometimes be a bit laggy if you don’t have a proper network.

YouTube to MP3 converters are some application tools or Software which let us convert the audio from the YouTube videos to MP3 audios so that we can listen to them anytime we want.

Many videos on YouTube do not get the download feature, and it is impossible to watch them without an internet connection so here we present you tools to download videos online. People having no internet connection in their phones require the MP3 audios so that they can listen to them anytime they want. There are many converters, and some of the best YouTube to MP3 converters of 2020 are listed below:

1. Atube Catcher

It is the most used and popular converter as per ranked in 2020, which can be used to convert YouTube videos to MP3 audios. This tool also helps us to screen record. It is effortless to use and can be suitably used by beginners as well as by experts.

Not only YouTube, but it also allows the conversion feature from many other video applications such as Facebook, Yahoo, Metacafe, and many more. It enables speedy conversions and keeps you regularly updated for the new updates of the tool by regular notifications so that you do not miss anything. This tool allows for batch conversions.

2. Freemake

It is the recently developed tool that is compatible and easy to use. It does not affect the quality of audio while conversing from YouTube to MP3. It is a multi-language platform and can be used in 4 different languages. This tool helps to convert files in various formats. It is user-friendly and is also available in the free version.

The paid version lets you use more of its features. This tool easily enables you to perform various tasks simultaneously, like video cutting, editing, and many more. This tool promises to edit 500 clips simultaneously, so it was developed, keeping in mind the time of the user. It is an exciting and quick tool and must be used once.

3. YTMP3-YouTube To MP3 Converter

It is the most used and most accessible converter. This tool can be easily used on any platform from Mobile phone to tablet to computer and laptop. It is a secure platform and can be easily understood by the beginners. It offers a high conversion speed. This tool also allows the conversation to MP4 audios, which makes this tool versatile.

The disadvantage is it doesn’t allow batch conversions. This allows speedy conversions, and it is tested that it only takes 2 minutes for converting any files, which makes this tool very user-friendly. It is a very versatile tool that can be used for personal and commercial use.

This tool has antiviruses and different types of spyware inbuilt, which keeps this tool safe and doesn’t interrupt the user with a lot of pop-ups and ads, which may hurdle the work. This tool holds the management of the quality of videos.

4. Y2 Mate

Y2mate is a top-rated tool and is in the top 6 converters for so long. It is very well known for its easy conversation and easy availability. It is simplest to use with just 2 or 3 steps. Youngsters and many beginners use this tool for accessible communication. This tool also protects against several viruses and has got different antiviruses and spyware, which are inbuilt in this tool.

This tool can be used on different browsers and has a low loading time, which allows users to download the videos very fast. This tool has got the exceptional feature of no-pop’s which keep the device safe and doesn’t allow any software virus to interrupt in between the conversion. For using this tool, you need not download any special software for using any of its particular features.

5. 4K Video Downloader

It is the converter tool which can be used for the multiple sites to convert YouTube video to MP3 audio. N9t only from YouTube, this tool also allows conversion of video audios to different audio formats from other websites. This tool has got several other features for conversation and is very easy to use. It doesn’t take a lot of time and believes in downloading videos and converting them very straightforwardly.

The purchased version of the tool is also available, and 14 days free-trial is already available so that users can try and then buy the device. The machine is available on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. This tool dramatically allows users to manage video qualities according to resolution management as they want.

6. AVC

AVC stands for Any Video Converter and is a very user-friendly tool for converting videos to audios. It is used by millions of people worldwide and is liked by most of the users. This tool allows several features like video conversation, trimming, editing, adjusting video quality, and many more.

This tool effortlessly allows batch conversation of YouTube videos to MP3 audios. The platform provides a free trial to users, which makes it a user-friendly application, and because of this, most of the users like it. Moreover, many different features can be used in the paid version of the tool.


Users should always be aware of the options which are available to them before spending money on services that cost you for something which should be entirely free. Music is a need for everyone, with a ton of options available for free music downloading, it is unnecessary to spend on it.

Many dance performances and events use songs that are merged, with the rise in streaming services, they faced a lot of difficulty in finding their songs in full quality. But now, with the convenience of converters, you can always download multiple songs and merge them using an editor seamlessly in full quality.

Many users believe that there is a quality difference when you convert songs from YouTube to MP3 but that is a myth. The sound quality is never reduced because there is no compression involved in the converting process. You can enjoy listening to these songs without worrying about the quality. We hope that you find this article useful and utilize these apps to download as many songs as you like.


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