How to Attract More Business to Your Self-Storage Facility

Attracting more business to your self-storage facility can boost sales for you and help out missed markets in your neighborhood. While your facility may already have tenants in it, there are ways that you can expand and reach out. For example, if you are a residential facility only, you may want to consider business storage as up to 30% of all storage accounts is for businesses.

Below, we will take a look at some of the ways you can modify your facility or add to it to help bring in more business from all over. You can find self-storage business ideas by visiting

1. Add unique options and features to your facility.

When you think of a storage unit, you probably think the basics, and this is what most people do. Take a moment to look around your area and see what other facilities are offering to their customers. Once you have gathered that data, you can then decide what options you can add that will make your facility stand out.

For example, you may want to cater to individuals who need to store their vehicle or maybe you want to offer alarms on the units themselves. Something that makes you unique will drive business to you.

2. Add climate-controlled units.

Climate-controlled units are highly desired and if you do not offer any, then you may be missing out on business. Many individuals need to store their electronics, clothes, and furniture – all of which can be ruined by humidity. Even if you cannot offer a climate-controlled option, consider a humidity-controlled option, which will help provide the right balance and prevent any extreme changes when the weather outside fluctuates.

3. Cater to commercial and business tenants.

Commercial and business tenants make up about 30% of all tenants in storage units and you could hone in on this and bring in more clientele. While catering to businesses and commercial tenants may mean you need to expand your facility, you can start smaller in the beginning and see how it works for you before you make a big leap. Many businesses and commercial tenants will need at least a 10×20 or 10×30 or larger space. One thing to consider too is that commercial and business tenants typically keep their storage units for a long time.

If you do plan to cater to commercial and business tenants, add some features that you know could help them with their day to day activities such as shipping options, 24-hour access, coffee and refreshments, fax and copy services, etc.

Bring in More Business to Your Storage Facility

The three tips above can help you bring in more business to your storage facility. No matter what you choose, do take some time to find out what is missing in the area when it comes to self-storage and then makes up for it – you will see the customers roll in. As a final note, do try to offer some discounts and specials to help draw in more clients as well.

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