10 Dangerous Animals that Looks Nice and Cute

When you think of dangerous animals, lions run, snakes, rhinos, crocodiles, and other claws, a tooth or poisonous fauna. People do not want to approach them except to enjoy them from a distance. Whether it’s a deer or a dolphin, doesn’t it? no no no….

Many seemingly sweet and secure animals pose a threat to humans. In nature, they must not be dense under any circumstances. Here is the list of animals that are such deceptive and beautiful creatures in front of us.


One of the most intelligent marine mammals, usually an animal on earth. In some cases, they saved people, but that doesn’t mean they have an English attitude. A group of dolphins fought for large sharks and other predators. You should not wash them in any way.


A large fleeting bird that resembles a mixture of turkey and ostrich. It gives birth to fruits and seeds, but at the same time has a strong regional character. The busy cashier did not run, but hurried to the battlefield and attacked the enemy with big claws on his powerful legs. With a weight of up to 2 meters and a weight of approx. 80 kg can cazuar weaken or even kill an adult.

Blue-necked Octopuses

The blue-necked octopus lives in the coastal waters and coral reefs of the Pacific, from Australia to Japan. Their bodies are covered in beautiful blue circular patterns, but they should not be touched. Blue-necked octopus is one of the world’s most poisonous animals. Its toxicity is dangerous to humans, and they have no antidote.

Sea Leopard

It is very difficult to encounter marine life in nature – they live only in Antarctica and eat penguins. In appearance, the stamps look like stamps, but they attack the researchers several times and even die. Probably seafarers will not have a personal illness in a person, but it is difficult to identify when they are hunting.


There is no difference in the size or weight of Wolverine, but the compensation is more than sharp claws, teeth, and unrestrained anger. She can even attack and defeat an elk or a bear. It can be said that he is an unhappy man. Do not disturb her when you meet Wolverine, especially when it comes to food.


There are many types of parrots – from small waves to large veins. Parrots are intelligent, tame and have a bad reputation for “clowning,” often with catastrophic consequences. The big parrot has a solid bill and terrible claws, and he is ready to file the case with the criminal.


The Raccoons are so cute and fast that they are usually kept as pets. They are widely distributed in North America, Eurasia, and Japan. Washings are often underestimated because of their appearance, but they often attack humans and can cause serious damage to sharp claws.


Few small predators spread as widely as ordinary foxes on Earth. At first glance, this seems very harmless, except for a thief. But do not forget that dragons are often spread rabies and only one fragment is enough to infect.

Wood Frogs:

The wood frog has a wonderful color and an incredible virulence. The Indians used their poison to kill the windshield. The seed releases toxins through the skin, so the smallest scratch on the body is enough to infect it.


Swann is associated with romance and love. We connect them with true love, but don’t you know that love is painful? These creatures will hurt you. If they feel threatened, they will do everything they can to protect themselves.


They look very harmless because they don’t even have teeth. How can such animals hurt people? But beware of his claws. Of course, they use it primarily for other purposes, but if they are dangerous, they will not hesitate to use them to protect them.


We have all heard of the famous Japanese cuisine called Fugu. This type of meal can be fatal if the fish is not cooked properly.


For frogs, they are very beautiful and beautiful, but this is the case when the appearance is misleading. There are a number of toxic frogs, each with varying levels of toxicity. The most dangerous – terrible hardwood. If you touch him, he can easily kill 10 adults.

Thick Lory

Oh, look at those eyes. Can you say anything softer? These snacks are the most poisonous mammals in the world. If Lori bites you, you can develop anaphylactic shock and other very dangerous symptoms.

The Tasmanian Devil

The animals look interesting, and we do not expect any harm. But it is until the animal exceeds its chicken.

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