How is the Genova IVF procedure can take place?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an effective method of infertility treatment that has been helping infertile couples around the world become happy parents for over 40 years. It is also a difficult path that a man and a woman go through together and with the support of specialist doctors – reproductologists, gynecologists, urologists, geneticists, and embryologists.

How is the IVF procedure carried out step by step?

Not always. The absence of pregnancy during the year of regular sexual life without contraception is infertility. Difficulties with conception may be associated with problems in a woman’s body and a man who is amenable to medical or surgical correction.

Therefore, the first step is an accurate diagnosis. If necessary, the reproductive specialist directs both spouses to laboratory tests for instrumental studies. Based on the diagnosis results, the doctor makes a reasonable conclusion about the need for using assisted reproductive technologies, namely IVF.

Preparation for the program

IVF is a step-by-step process, and the doctor tells the couple at the clinic about how the procedure goes. Spouses should understand that such treatment requires both physical and moral preparation.

Speaking about how the IVF procedure takes place step by step, it should also be noted that there is a list of mandatory tests and examinations before entering the program. A man and a woman receive a list of such studies from their fertility doctor.

Stimulation of ovulation

Starting from this stage, we can talk about how IVF happens. Superovulation is stimulated in a woman to obtain a sufficient number of eggs for fertilization with the help of medications. The duration of this stage depends on the stimulation protocol chosen by the doctor.

Follicle puncture

The eggs mature in the ovaries inside the follicles. Mature eggs must be removed from the body before they leave the strands. For this, a procedure called follicle puncture is performed. During all the manipulations, the woman is under anesthesia. An anesthesiologist controls her condition.

Fertilization of eggs

Since the ivf cost in Pakistan procedure takes place step by step, after receiving and preparing the eggs and sperm, its further stage is already in the embryology laboratory. Fertilization occurs using the ICSI method in artificial conditions close to the woman’s body. After that, the embryo develops in an incubator for five days.

Transfer of embryos to the uterus

After this critical stage of the IVF procedure has been completed and the embryos have reached the blastocyst stage, they are transferred to the uterine cavity of the expectant mother. Before transfer, preimplantation genetic diagnosis may be performed to select genetically healthy embryos. The doctor conducts an embryo transfer using a flexible catheter and transfers 1-2 seeds to the uterus.

The procedure is painless and takes a few minutes. After that, the woman rests in the ward for some time and can go home. The doctor will tell you how to behave after the transfer, what you can and cannot do, and when you need to do a test and ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

Pregnancy control and support

A woman may be prescribed medications for successfully implanting the embryo in the uterus. From 9-12 days after the transfer, you can start measuring the level of hCG. A woman is usually invited for 21 days on ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

At the appointment, the reproductologist of our clinic will tell you in more detail about how the IVF procedure takes place step by step.

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