The Tutoring market is growing to unreasonable sizes.

During the pandemic, the Tutoring market has grown significantly. More and more parents are looking for educational support for their children, especially in the context of low-quality remote lessons. There are controversies around extra lessons, primarily related to the prices of services.

Every fourth student receives paid tutoring. (Home tuition near me)The increase in interest in tutoring is mainly the backlog that arose during the pandemic. Due to the new, remote learning form for many institutions, it took time to adapt to the new tutoring conditions, which often resulted in worse exam results.

Research conducted by the Big Info Monitor Register of tutors shows students’ problematic situation in distance learning and the development of the tutoring market. Two out of three parents who bought extra lessons for their children (1st year of primary school to the last year of high school) admit that they paid more than before the pandemic. 35% of the surveyed parents spent on tutoring. 

Tutoring Market: High school graduates depending on the place of residence.

According to data, 78.2% of this year’s graduates passed their high school finals in 2022. The high school graduates coped best with the language (95% of students passed it).

As the economists of the Economic Institute point out, the matriculation exam results can be an essential indicator of the quality of education. Although comparing the results from subsequent years is difficult due to the different difficulty levels (especially in extended subjects), analysing the results depending on the region is a good point of reference.

Disproportions in the passing rate mainly avoid ships with large urban centres, where the pass rate is the highest. Demand for learning foreign languages, especially English, is growing in the tutoring market. Parents are also looking for additional math classes for their children. Science subjects are popular at the secondary school level, especially chemistry and physics.

The value of the tutoring market

Just a few years ago, the tutoring market was estimated 4 billion. According to estimates for the 2020/2021 school year, its value could reach 7.5 billion. There is a growing demand for tutoring in subjects not taught in school, usually languages ​​such as Chinese and English, for which parents can pay correspondingly more. For “ordinary” items, the prices go up every year. Prices per hour or lesson (45 min) vary depending on the city. Of course, the highest sums appear in the context of cities such as Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. There, you have to pay even per hour. However, parents firmly declare that they can pay more if they are convinced of the high level of services provided.

The tutoring market is a controversial topic in the public space. Its growth is identified with the low quality of education in schools. Moreover, some people providing services need a registered business activity. After the pandemic, remote tutoring is becoming more and more popular. (O-level home tutors in Lahore)While face-to-face contact was once valued, the remote form of online lessons is now gaining importance. However, parents indicate that finding a good person is very difficult on the market; apart from professional tutors, some people try to support the home budget by tutoring.

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