Har ki Dun : Best Trek in India

The Har ki Dun walk, at an elevation of 11,700 feet, is a literal gateway to heaven. On the one hand, it is a snow-specked paradise for winter enthusiasts, and on the other, it is adorned by alpine meadows and pine forests for all those who seek solace in the embrace of nature. It is also a paradise for trekkers, whether beginners or experienced.


The Har ki Dun trek trip, located on the western fringe of Garhwal in Uttarkashi district, is not only a scenic trek but also has significant cultural and mythical value. Many locals think that the area belonged to the epic Mahabharata’s Duryodhana. According to mythology, a clan devoted to the Kauravas dwelt near the village of Osla and erected a temple to honour him. That temple still stands today.


This journey, on the other hand, is one of the oldest Himalayan trekking pathways. The name Har ki Dun translates to “Valley of Gods,” indicating the myth’s other spiritual significance. It is thought that the Pandavas used this road on their ascent to paradise, which is why it is known as the staircase to heaven trek. It is also a key source of water for the Yamuna River System.


Camping by the flowing riverside, listening to the persistent streams of water, gives you the kind of tranquility that makes you forget everything about the hustling and bustling noises of urban cities. The people, sights, and overall trail capture an insight into a world different from what we’ve seen in our daily lives.


The trek offers breathtaking views of the Swargrohini peaks, Bandarpoonch, and Black peak. The walk takes you to communities that have existed for over 2000 years, and meeting the residents provides you an insight into their life.The Har ki Dun trip is a true blessing for environment lovers, adventure seekers, and people who enjoy photography on occasion. The above-mentioned temple in the village of Osla, a 5000-year-old edifice made out of wood, is one of the main attractions of the Har ki Dun trip.


Har ki Dun walk is suitable for beginners and interesting for experienced trekkers alike. The Har ki Dun hike difficulty ranges from simple to moderate and offers an enjoyable overall experience. Har ki Dun is best visited during the summer and post-monsoon season.


The Har ki Dun valley is famed for its orchids, particularly rhododendrons, which are grown specifically in this area. The flora and fauna, together with the rich culture and historical significance, secure its place among the top competitors on the list of finest treks in Uttarakhand.


The trek to Har ki Dun lasts 7 days and begins in a little village called Sankri in Uttarakhand’s Uttarkashi district.


Brief Itinerary 




Travel from Dehradun to Kotgaon via car.


Driving Distance: 196 km | Driving Time: 9-10 hours


Cab fare is Rs 6,500 for an SUV (shared among 5-6 hikers) and Rs 10,000 for a Tempo Traveller (shared among 11-12 trekkers).




Travel from Kotgaon to Taluka via car. Taluka to Gangaad Trek


Drive time: 1.5 to 2 hours | Trek distance: 8.50 kilometres | Trek time: 5-6 hours | Altitude gain: 6,520 feet to 7,667 feet


For the first 3 kilometres, the gradient is flat. The trail continues to ascend and descend gradually after Bhida ka Thatch. Along the walk, you can refill your water bottles from the river.




From Gangaad to Kalkatiyadhar Trek


7.50 km trek | 4-5 hours trek | altitude gain: 7,667 ft to 9,960 foot


Easy. A 15-minute drop is followed by a 90-minute stroll that is fairly level. A 15-minute steep climb is followed by a flat walk and boulder portion before concluding with a steadily climbing track. Along the walk, you can refill your water bottles from the river.




Har Ki Dun Trek from Kalkatiyadhar to Boslo


Trek Distance: 9 km | Trek Time: 5-6 hours | Altitude Change: 9,960 feet to 10,430 ft via 11,600 foot




Boslo to Swarnadhara Trek


Trek length: 6.20 km | Trek time: 6-7 hours | Altitude gain: 10,430 ft to 10,540 ft


Following the Boslo campground, there is an immediate elevation followed by a moderate ascent to the Har Ki Dun. There is no water supply for the first 4 kilometres. Water sources are then placed at regular intervals. One litre of water will suffice for the entire day.




Trek via Ruinsara Valley from Swarnadhara to Devsu Thatch.


Trek Distance: 13.70 km | Trek Time: 7-8 hours | Altitude Change: 10,540 feet to 9,930 feet to 11,850 feet


Ascend gradually to the lake. Continuous gentle drop till the Devsu river bridge. Finally, there is a difficult slope to Devsu. Water supplies are plentiful along the route.




Return from Kotgaon to Dehradun via car.


Drive Distance: 196 km | Drive Time: 9-10 hours | Indiahikes trekkers should meet at the Grand Legacy Hotel near Laal Pul in Dehradun.


Trekkers must bear the cost of transportation and pay it directly to the driver. Cab fare: Rs.6,500 per vehicle for an SUV shared by 5-6 trekkers, or Rs.10,000 per vehicle for a Tempo Traveler shared by 11-12 hikers.


Please keep in mind that the distance between campsites can vary by 100 meters depending on the weather and the route you select. For identical reasons, the altitude may change by 100 feet.

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