Chopta Trek : Ideal Place to Observe Nature at its Best

Hill stations are ideal places to observe nature at its best and experience natural calm. This is true of every hilly location, and Chopta in Uttarakhand is no exception. Its beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows, stunning lakes, humming waterfalls, and tranquil valleys are ideal summer retreats. Chopta has a lot to offer anyone planning a trip there. It provides city dwellers with a much-needed vacation in the middle of peace. Chopta trek, with its unique animals, great routes, and camping places, has something for everyone, whether you enjoy nature or adventure. There are various things to do in Chopta that will keep you captivated and delighted during your holiday.


Interestingly, Chopta trek was not always a popular tourist destination. It only acquired popularity among nature enthusiasts a few years ago. However, it has always been known for its majestic temples and for its religious and historical significance. That is why it has been welcoming pilgrims from all around the country for decades.


What to Do


Chopta is best known now as a trekking refuge, while most of it remains unexplored. Leaving room for the unexpected, who knows what you might discover in Chopta if you choose the road less traveled! Prepare for some interesting things in Chopta that will cause you to make some recollections. 


Beautiful Green Trail on the Tungnath Trek


It is located at a height of roughly 2,700 metres in the Himalayan Range. This area is embraced by a tall forest characterized by trees such as deodars, oaks, and rhododendrons, creating a lovely route. This hiking trail is approximately 3.5 kilometres long. The Tungnath summit, which stands at 3680 metres, is accessible through a well-paved path. This trail is mostly flat with a few steep hills and tight twists.


Tungnath hill is home to an ancient temple that is estimated to be over 1000 years old, and from there you can get a fantastic view of the stunning Mandakini and Alaknanda river valleys below.


Kanchula Korak Musk Deer Sanctuary – Get Up Close and Personal With Rare Himalayan Wildlife


This sanctuary is located around 7 kilometres from Chopta on the Chopta-Gopeshwar route. It has a total size of 5 square kilometres. It is also recognised for raising Musk deer and a variety of other wildlife. The refuge also boasts a variety of unusual flowers that are a visual pleasure.


It is surrounded by thick greenery and is gorgeous all year. As a nature lover, you may explore it by engaging in a variety of activities while also getting up and personal with the uncommon Himalayan fauna.


Baniyakund – Meadows Camping


Camping is regarded as one of the top things to do in Chopta trek and is thus a must-try! It is a long stretch of meadows 4 kilometres from Chopta, bordered by a few villages in and around it, with the best view of the Garhwal Himalayas. It is frequently a rest station for those doing the Tungnath-Chandrashila trek.


It is also recognised as an ideal location for bird watching, particularly for the amount of parakeets seen at Baniyakund Meadows. There are a few local shops nearby, making it a useful rest stop.


The following is a list of the necessities:


  • Keep necessary hiking gear on hand, such as a windproof jacket, dry socks, and a cap.
  • Quality footwear is also required.
  • Wear appropriate socks with waterproof linings, if available.
  • Construct proper leg strength through simple gym training.
  • When purchasing a backpack, practise using it and choose one with adjustable straps.
  • For your Chopta-Tungnath trip, bring a decent quality walking pole.
  • A 2 litre water container for rehydrating yourself on a regular basis.
  • Bring dry snacks/food from home because there may be fewer stores on the trackway.
  • Keep your luggage to a minimum to save energy.


Things to consider before embarking on the Chopta Tungnath Trek.


  • Climatic circumstances at high altitude differ from plains; conduct extensive research on your habitat’s shifting behavior.
  • You must have basic medicines and a first-aid kit with you.
  • Do not leave litter at local parks or campgrounds.
  • Water may be scarce, so save it when trekking.
  • Do not recommend trekking at night unless it is part of the plan and you are accompanied by a guide; this could result in unanticipated mishaps.




For good reason, Chopta is known as the “Mini Switzerland” or “Switzerland of the East.” It is abundant in natural beauty, and it takes effort to preserve that beauty. It is a vacation from the meandering pace of most of our lives, allowing us to relax in the laps of nature. A visit to Chopta trek is a must when visiting Uttarakhand!

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