Are Moffett Forklifts the Best Material Handling Equipment?

 Moffett Forklifts

Material handling equipment is a very broad term that includes everything from cranes used in construction to industrial trucks and conveyors. Essentially any equipment that is used for the movement, storage, protection, consumption and disposal of materials within a site is known as material handling equipment. 
Within this broad category, the forklifts are generally categorized in the transportation phase. They are used in transporting or moving material short distances, or in warehouses. The Moffett truck mounted forkliftshave gained immense popularity recently due to their ability to accomplish the task of a conventional forklift much more quickly and safely. 
Without a doubt, these forklifts are quite useful material handling equipment, but are they the best in their respective category? This is what we shall be trying to answer in this article.

How Does It Work?

Before we can decide whether these forklifts are better than any other material handling equipment, we need to know how they work and why they are the equipment of choice for many contractors. The Moffett truck-mounted forklift uses hydraulic stabilizers and a horizontally moving mast to carry loads.
This is a step further from conventional forklifts that have a fixed mast and use counterbalances to set off the weight of the load. Because of this ingenious innovation, the truck mounted forklift is safer to operate and most importantly can be transported with the material by being mounted at the back of a truck, hence the name.
Because of this it saves immense transportation costs for the company and is hailed as an improvement to its predecessor that had to be transported like any other offloading equipment.

Where is it Used?

In order to know if the truck-mountedforklift is better than the other equipment,we need to see where it is used. This forklift is generally used in the movement and transportation of loads ranging from anywhere between 100kg to 3500kg over a short distance. This means that everything from poultry, construction, and timber to food, beverages, agriculture, and chemicals can be transported by the Moffett Truck.
This shows how important they have become in the material handling business in just the short period they have existed and that is why whether you are looking for new or used Moffett truck mounted forklifts for sale, Moffett trucks are available all across the United States and used frequently in all kinds of industries.  

Competitive Advantage of Moffett Forklifts

The competitive advantage of Moffett truck mounted forklifts lies in the features they offer. It is important to note here that the other types of material handling equipment used in the transport phase include pallets, types of industrial trucks, conveyors and conventional forklifts.
All of these types of machineryare used depending on the situation; the materialand timing of the distribution but forklifts are the most common of all. Let us take a look at all the features afforded by the Moffett forklifts in comparison to their conventional predecessors.

  • Safety is the number one concern for any material handling equipment. It needs to keep the operator and all other people around the equipment safe and out of harm’s way. Even if you buy used Moffett trucks, they exhibit the most secure features that are in line with the OSHA standards. Whether it is the forklift’s stability or its 360-degree visibility, the Moffett truck-mounted forklift minimizes the chances of an accident during operation.
Because of the hydraulic stabilizers mentioned earlier, the Moffett forklifts have a lower center of gravity making them more stable and are able to increase that stability by extending the horizontally moving mast outward. This prevents the forklift from tipping over when the load is being carried. Because of this added stability, these forklifts can be used to carry fragile loads as well and that is why they are so popular in the poultry industry.

  • Due to the high competitiveness of the industry, it is essential to be operating at maximum capacity all the time and not waste resources or time. The Moffett piggyback forklifts do exactly that by increasing operational onsite efficiency. Since they are carried with the material to the destination, there is no need to wait for offloading equipment to carry on operations.
You can simply dismount the forklift in a matter of seconds from the truck and continue with the distribution. This results in faster deliveries, independent offloading equipment usage and increased productivity.

  • The wide range of models of Moffett truck mounted forklifts such as the M5500 also allow greater mobility and maneuverability in confined spaces and can be used for industrial as well as semi-industrial use. This is something that was absent in conventional forklifts and because of this innovation, the Moffett forklifts are a huge success in urban distribution as well.
As a result, the Moffett forklifts are perhaps the best option for transporting material and may be classified as one of the best, if not the best, of the material handling equipment.

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