Is There A Specific Age For The Results Of Facelift To Show?

Compared to ever before, women are turning to facelift surgeries to help them appear and feel younger. If you are planning to have a facelift in Atlanta, you need to know, there’s no particular age limit, and you should consult an experienced board-certified surgeon before you decide to have a cosmetic surgery. The job of the surgeon is to analyze your body goals, and conduct a thorough physical examination of your face and facial tissues to determine whether opting for the facelift surgery is the best choice for you or not.
Depending on your appearance goals, they would help to determine whether you need a detailed procedure or a smaller-scale facelift surgery, whichever should be appropriate for your age. Regardless of the type of facelift surgery you are looking forward to having, turning to a board-certified plastic surgeon would ensure they determine the best age, and the right solutions to help your wrinkling and loose skin in the cheeks, necklines, and jawline.
Usually, women wait for the time when they have aging lines, a time when they want those fine lines to disappear with the cosmetic surgery. However, women today no longer have to wait since newer techniques allow smaller-scale and better results, at the same time allowing the problems to fade away. Some plastic surgeons also recommend other smaller scale treatment options to help minimize the aging effects that turn up.

The Facelift Options Based on Your Age

Facelift Options Based on Age
In the late 30s, this is when the aging lines become quite noticeable, and they soon become permanent, deep fine lines. When women reach the age of 40 or 50, these become visible. At the same time, due to sunlight exposure, weight fluctuations, and various other factors, people see a change in their face because of the fat volume. Keep in mind that fat below the skin thins out slightly, whereas the pockets of fat around the eyes and mouth shift lower or even become more noticeable.
At such times, or when women reach this stage, noninvasive options like facial injections are a trendy choice. However, some women consider other smaller scale surgeries like a mini facelift. Keep in mind that the results often depend on the Crispin Plastic Surgery surgeon.
When women are in their 40s, they struggle with the early aging signs they got when they were in their 30s. The aging lines deepen and form a combination of thinning skin, and fat loss, causing noticeable sagging, especially around the jawline. In other patients, this is the right time to consider other expensive procedures like correcting the fat, loose skin and muscle.
When women are above sixty, they also consider this the perfect time for their facelift, which should help their lifestyle and health at this stage. However, the drawback ofopting for a facelift in the 60s is the long time it takes for recovery. Keep in mind that recovery in your 60s takes longer, but since the signs of aging are quite drastic at this stage, the results will equally be dramatic. For older patients who went through the procedures earlier, the options could include some noninvasive ones.

Is It Possible to Combine a Neck Lift and Facelift at the Same Time?

Neck Lift and Facelift
Yes, it’s possible for you to opt for a neck lift and a facelift surgery together. So many women wonder whether it is a wise decision to go for the two at once, regardless of their age or go for one after the other. Although each one of these come with their set of pros and cons, it is advisable to combine them.
Depending on the extent of correction that you wish to address, there are several facelift options available. Patients prefer to combine a general facelift with an eyelid surgery or liposuction for the face. Sometimes, they opt for the neck lift.
There’s not much argument when it comes to combining the two procedures, what matters is the time of recovery and your skin type. After all, why should you have to schedule two different dates for each surgery? The bottom line here is that combining the two procedures will give you a better chance to have a better appearance, it will prevent a loose sagging neck and lift the face and neck together for a more refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.
You need to know that considering going under the knife for a facelift in Atlanta is your personal choice. Aging is not the only factor that decides the best time for the procedure, but other factors also contribute to it. You need to plan the improvements with your surgeon, who would access the way your face should change over time. Keep in mind that a traditional facelift is a suitable choice for any age to minimize aging signs as they happen. You need to consult your surgeon who would plan the best time for the surgery.

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