5 Underrated Netflix Extensions You Didn’t Know About

As the Corona pandemic hits the world, and we have to stay isolated, many of us shift to video-streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Crunchyroll to remain occupied and distracted.

But, there are some minor issues we may face while watching. What if you get a solution to these teeny-tiny problems? Yes! Your entertainment phase becomes more relaxing. Scroll down to learn about various Netflix extensions to enrich your experience.

1. Throw a Netflix Party.

Are you alone at home and want to party on Friday night?
Do you wish to spend the weekend with your love watching romantic-comedy movies but can’t due to the distance? Do you miss spending the afternoon with family watching thriller series?

Don’t you worry anymore, Netflix Party is off for your rescue!
Netflix Party is a free and safe Google Chrome browser extension tool. It allows friends and family to connect remotely.

Directions to use

a. The one hosting the party has to click on the Netflix Party(present next to the address bar) once it has changed to red from grey.
b.A pop-up will open, reading “Create a Netflix Party.” Click on it. c.Choose if you or everyone has control over playback. Share the link and invite your friends.
d. Once ready, click “Start the party.”

During the party, a chat box allows the members to communicate, creating a happening of togetherness.
It is an excellent alternative to the banned HouseParty.

2. Watch While Working, Work While Watching

Do you want to catch up on uploaded Money Heist episodes before another season is dropped, but the deadline at work is approaching? Or are you caught in a pile of work and need a break for viewing Friends?

Brought to you is an extension that allows you to picture in picture play, Helium by JadenGeller. Like Helium gas, which is filled in balloons to make it rise, Helium works as a floating browser window, letting one multitask.
Now you can chill and work simultaneously!

3. Now Enjoy The Big Screen In Any Position

At the beginning of the video, you sit straight, gradually leaning on the support behind, then you let your body slide on the mattress until your head replaces your back on the cushion. Finally, you turn to your left side and oops!

You realize your visionary area is compromised in the most comfortable position on the bed—no need to make any more adjustments in your position, after this tiny hack. Use Netflix Flip, an extension that hardly takes up any space and is very useful at its work.

As the name suggests, it flips the screen- rotate your screen at any desirable angle, acute for head tilt, 90 degrees when you lie down, 180 or upside down for experimenting or any case you are caged in! 😉

4. No Seconds To Lose While Binge-Watching!

Watching the same forty seconds intro clip every time a new episode starts or a credit clip at the end of the episode is a waste of time, especially when you are binge-watching and have seen the clip several minutes ago. Clicking on the ‘skip intro’ and ‘next episode’ button every twenty or forty minutes can get pretty annoying.

So is there an aid to remove the button, to auto-skip the intro and the outro? Many. Extensions Skip Flix, ComfyFlix, BingeFLIX enhance the user’s experience by skipping the introduction and credit clip automatically!
Now, you can relish uninterrupted hours of Dark or 13 Reasons Why.

5. Reduce Your Subscription Fee

Are you a binge-watcher but with the epidemic going on, your job or business was shut, and now you worry about your expenses and afford the pack? If not, don’t you believe in the saying, “Money saved is money earned”? After all, who does not like discounts or quality products at minimum prices (no judging). Yes, there is a way to lower the payment- Netflix Gift Cards.

Raise is an e-commerce company that allows third-party retailers to sell and buy gift cards! You get a good discount if you buy for a seller, who sells it at Raise.com at a discounted price. Overall, you get paid when purchasing for a third-party and receive a Netflix subscription because of the gift card.

To enlist a few more, there is Netflix, which upon activation, lets the user know ratings of a series or movie from reviewing sites other than Netflix, like IMDb, Google Chrome Review, Rotten Tomatoes; Test Participation link – Netflix allows you to become the first volunteer to use a new feature of Netflix; Audio Description – Netflix, when turned on, the scene in the video is narrated letting you know what action is taking place, without your eyes falling on the screen. I hope you find these hacks useful while streaming. Here’s a list of free netflix username and passwords. Binge-watch like a pro. Happy Netflixing! 🙂

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