Protect unauthorized video consumption with secure media solutions

Targeting media disruption is a virtual reality


There is a beehive of palpable activity going on in the broadcasting industry. Media disruptions are trending as quickly as consumers are changing their tastes to view programs. There are challenges in audio and video media channels and technology is also gunning for more media solutions in an ever-changing environment. A channel producer or broadcaster can no longer ignore widespread content that not only goes viral but is also used illegally at times. Authentic security panels are required to safeguard it and ensure that it is not doctored. Encryption is just one aspect. But along with it comes the quality control also. Today’s VOD solutions are addressed by experts who can help their media clients to bet on bigger revenues as per market demands.


We are not talking through our hats, but this information could equally be a disruptive force if you a leader in the entertainment industry. To remain ahead of rivals, take good care of the protection and solutions for all your authorized content.


Piracy is not yet dead!


Although copying material may be an art form but it is not appreciated. The broadcasting industry is one of the biggest losers as copyrights and content protection still remains ambiguous in nature. But there are several media solutions that have appeared in the marketplace. They may not have broken the glass ceiling, but with technology comes a concept of digital watermarking. Without giving a bad quality to the video, it can be encoded and saved for future use. Both storage and future relay of the material is secure. With video on demand, there is a major revolution in the industry. But both piracy and copying content remains the major issue. If you are looking at VOD solutions and are concerned about the content being misused, the issues can be addressed by some experts who have the knowledge and experience to handle them successfully. There was a study conducted by IAB and it revealed that viewership on mobile phones has increased to 35% in North America, Canada, New Zealand, and UK. People in these nations have on-demand video readily available on their devices. Popular series by Netflix and Hotstar are streamed on their screens. It has been a disruptive effect on all users. Hence, this explosion calls for proprietary values attached to the material being relayed or stories being streamed on a daily basis. Having the right technology and software is essential to deliver the goods.


Look for perfect transcoding solutions


An encoder with extensive abilities is critical to syndication and complete monetization of the material. If it contains at least three levels of security with authorized access and encryption it adds value too. Service providers who have been connected to the media industry for decades address the issues with various video packaging applications. They not only distribute the content through the right channels but also monetize it for the client. As encoding on-demand surges, few vendors offer perfect transcoding solutions. The right video encoder software that allows the material to be appreciated across multiple screens is important. If the client’s material is watermarked, it is a bonus. Earlier traditional terrestrial broadcasters, cable TV, and satellite channels did not have the systems or applications that could be packaged well for viewers. With the internet, the over the top services are in demand and need to be managed skillfully for better revenue generation. While service providers are getting better at providing VOD solutions, the content providers of the entertainment and media industry are looking at licenses that will protect their material. These are studios based in Hollywood, sports leagues, cable operators, and news channels. With the disruption in the media and broadcasting technology, the business models are transforming. They now depend on video encoder software to provide a high definition experience to the viewers.  As they seek service providers who provide live encoding or on-demand video solutions they add muscle to the primary distribution channels. Since they are the experts they also provide the support along with the services.


A wide range of support & services


As internet content streams and bandwidth of experts increase it is high time, every other business look at them holistically. Customized storage solutions and video processing bring them onboard as regular resources in the media and entertainment industry. Catering to the most complex on-demand processes can be handled by their team, so you focus on creating the content non-stop. This is one of the most important value proposition being offered by some vendors. When 3rd party hosting sites (YouTube or VIMEO) are involved, then access and encryption go hand in hand.


Closing thought: Think about the usefulness if the digital rights management and geo-blocking can be enforced. 


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