Why My Website Not Ranking Higher in Google


Are you wondering why your website is not ranking correctly in Google after putting all your efforts? Well, you have arrived at the correct place where you will find the answer to your question. This article from SEO services in Noida will help you find out why your site is not ranking in Google.

So, let’s get started on the topic.

  • Reasons for Not Getting Ranked in Google

1. Your Website is Not Indexed in Google

This might be a reason why your website is not ranked correctly in Google. If your site is not properly indexed in Google, then there is not any way to find it at the top rank of Google search results page.

  • You de-indexed your website by fault.
  • Google has not crawled into your website till now.
  • You may have set-up your website on some penalised or de-indexed expired domain.

2. You have selected too competitive Target Keywords

Typically, newbies commit this mistake. The beginners usually choose high competitive keywords. Well, it is not wrong in picking too competitive keywords because they can help your website rank better. However, if your budget is low, then you should not target the most competitive keywords for ranking your website.

3. New Website

If your site is new or a few weeks old, then it’s hard to get listed on Google quickly. If you have not created a sufficient amount of content or not done any link building to it, then it’s not possible to rank your website in Google search results page. Two things you need to consider for ranking your website higher in Google search results- High-quality content and authoritative backlinks. That’s the secret formula for ranking higher in Google.

4. Your Content Quality might be too low

This is one of the vital reasons for not getting ranked on Google. Most people confuse two things “long content” and “high-quality content”. It is not wrong to have longer content on the website. You must focus on the quality of the content. Because quality content matters most, not the quantity. Try to match the content quality of the top 3 competitors of the Google search results page for your targeted keywords. Also, focus on the length, depth and on-page optimization of the content of your competitors.

5. Lack of High-Quality Backlinks

The ranking of your website mostly depends on the number of backlinks on your webpages. So, build an active backlink profile on your website to rank higher in the Google search results page. If you fail to provide high-quality backlinks on your content, then don’t even think of ranking higher on Google. Try to get backlinks from well-established websites that have high ranks on Google. This will help you to rank your website rank on Google in an easier way.

6. Your Website is Not well SEO optimized

On-page optimization is an important aspect which will help your website rank higher in Google. It is very complicated if you go deeper into its technical aspects. You can do on-page optimization in the following ways

  • Make a logical website silo structure
  • Low loading time for your website
  • Install Yoast SEO plugin for your website to optimize the title tags and description
  • Try to publish plagiarism-free, unique and engaging content to attract more traffic.
  • Try to optimize every article using on-page SEO checklist.

7. Your Website has Bad User Experience

User experience is vital because Google’s ultimate aim is to provide its users with the best results possible. You can track the user experience of your website by measuring key SEO metrics such as time on site, bounce rate and return rate. If these SEO metrics are low in number, then you need to put more efforts on your website to improve it.

Conclusively, these are the Top 7 reason why your website is failing to rank higher in the Google search results page. Try to implement the tips provided in this article to get a higher rank for your website on the Google search results.



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