Unrivaled Whatsapp Marketing Tools in 2019 to Ease up your Marketing Campaigns and Court in Real-Time Profits

Social media is ubiquitous and thus marketing on such a platform is going to be very successful. And it indeed is. But with the rising popularities of messaging apps, more and more people using them to communicate. This also has become a fantastic platform where you can market the things you’ve got to offer.

And for the case of online messaging apps, Whatsapp is the absolute forerunner. With about 1.5 billion users around the world on board. This platform is proving to be a great medium for marketing.

But the strategies will definitely be more specific for the quirks that this app has. And if there is something that can make that task that much easier is tools.

There are many tools that you can use to market your business using Whatsapp. Where each will have its own pros and cons. Here, I’ve listed some of the best tools that can bring you the best results.

Use it properly and you’ll be able to reach more people with valuable material. Thus, gaining brand recognition and potential customers from there.

7 Most Powerful Whatsapp Marketing Tools for your Business: 2019 Edition

Now, it’s time we look into 7 of the best software tools available in the market. And these are among the highest performing for this year.

As far as the potential of marketing success that Whatsapp has, it is quite effective. The best example is what the Swedish liquor brand Absolut Vodka did with their campaign in Argentina.

It got them a lot of attention and was thus able to garner new customers and business. You can do that too, and these Whatsapp marketing tools will make it much easier for you.

WebXion Bulk SMS

Sending out messages in bulk is absolutely the meat and potatoes of marketing on Whatsapp. So the first tool on this list will be the WebXion Bulk SMS tool, which will help you do just that. You’ll have to create interesting materials to send to your target audience at first. And then, put it all together and send them in bulk.

And creating important material that you can send for the purpose of marketing is a whole different task by itself. Once you start using this tool, the sending part will be easy. All you’ll have to do then is to focus on creating the requisite material to send. And then, the WebXion Bulk SMS will cover all else.

You’ll be able to target all the segments and create materials to send to each of them. Thus, a great tool that you can use for this basic step of Whatsapp marketing.


This is a marketing automation tool which is arguably one of the best that content marketers can use. Since with Whatsapp marketing, it is content that you’ll be sending, that brings SalesPanda on to this list.

With this tool, you can get complete analytics information on the campaigns that you create and run. Which will make tracking much easier, thus contributing to the overall success of your campaigns.

But where SalesPanda shines the most, especially when it comes to Whatsapp marketing, is content creation. SalesPanda can help you create fantastic content like digital brochures which are very effective. And this is more or less the most important aspect of Whatsapp marketing campaigns.

Also, with the channel marketing feature that this tool has, it will help a lot with segmentation. Another very important thing for Whatsapp marketing.

All in all, this tool is a great one and it does warrant due attention.

WAAM-it Sender

Messages with a personalized setup have the most significant chances of success in Whatsapp marketing. And with WAAM-it Sender, that is what you’ll be able to do best for your campaigns.

This allows a lot of cool ways in which you can create messages to communicate the marketing message.

WAAM-it Sender is a very good tool for that. You’ll be able to create a lot of great content for your Whatsapp marketing campaigns. With custom designs for every piece of content that you create for each segment.

The best part is that you can automate a lot of these processes. That way it can improve the efficiency of your campaigns that much more. And of course, you’ll get all the necessary analytic information to track the campaigns that you’re running.

And after considering all the useful features that you can get from WAAM-it. This one is definitely worth your resources.


Now, on this list, comes another very good tool that you can use for Whatsapp marketing. It is Megma, which can help you do a lot of great things in terms of running Whatsapp marketing campaigns.

First of all, Megma can help you automate many of the components of this kind of marketing endeavor. Thus, helping you improve your efficiency and thus be more productive with the work.

And then, comes the performance of this tool, which is absolutely top-notch. Where sending out marketing materials in bulk is just among the multiple things which you can do.

This Whatsapp marketing tool allows you to work with many different kinds of media formats. And as for the messaging part of the campaigns, you also have the option for setting up automatic replies. An integral part of the entire automation thing.

And the final most important thing with this tool is that it can give excellent reporting features. That makes this a fantastic Whatsapp marketing tool that you can try out. And this can also help you bolster your brand name in your business niche, which is quite important.

WhatsApp Myntra

This is also a similar kind of tool like the others, but with a bit more sophisticated kind of automation. And with WhatsApp Myntra, you’ll be able to create fantastic campaigns to bring you that success you wanted.

WhatsApp Myntra will help you design and implement your Whatsapp marketing campaigns to ensure maximum user engagement. This is by far one of the best things that marketing on a platform like this one allows.

Thus, increasing the odds of the success of the campaigns that you’ll launch. And on top of that, you’ll be able to schedule a lot of the activities of your campaigns. This can make things a lot simpler for you.

If you’re an organization who has audiences who speak different languages. For that, WhatsApp Myntra can help because it supports a lot of different languages.

And lastly, you’ll have a great system for managing all the contacts that you’ve collected. Because Whatsapp requires you to work with phone contacts. Thus, this is a great tool overall that brings to the table a lot of useful features.

WappBlaster Bulk Sender

Sending messages in bulk is such an important thing for Whatsapp marketing. Another bulk messaging tool appears on this list. And this one is pretty good with some cool features.

And with this particular Whatsapp marketing tool, you can also get great subscription plans. This can be a very good thing, especially for the ones newly getting into marketing on this channel.

WappBlaster has one very good thing about it. Which is that it is very quick in terms of delivery of the messages. And for the campaigns that you can create and run with this, you’ll get excellent tracking and scheduling features. Also with this at hand, user engagement will be that much easier for you.

The design and interface of this tool make it very easy to manage and keep secure the contact information.

And with support for all kinds of media formats, this might be the exact tool that you need for Whatsapp marketing success.


MessageBird is a tool, which you can use to take care of the calling part of Whatsapp. This can be quite an effective channel for certain kinds of businesses. Especially the ones that deal with different kinds of services.

So, if you happen to be that kind of a business, then MessageBird is going to be just the tool you need. This has a great voice recognition technology which can be very useful for certain kinds of campaigns.

Other than that, the most important thing is to be able to manage a huge database. This is very much possible with this particular tool. MessageBird also supports API integration, which can make the marketing process even more efficient. And as for the contact management aspect of this tool, the organization of it is very good.

And as you have seen, this tool is a bit different from the other ones that I’ve listed here. But still, this one is just as great.

And Finally…

This completes the list of 7 of the best Whatsapp marketing tools that you can sue this year. All of these can help you create and execute innovative marketing campaigns on this platform. But as for the campaigns, it’ll totally be up to how creative you can be.

Also, the other thing is that you’ll be dealing with a lot of data, doesn’t matter which tool or tools you use. So, for due caution, it’ll be best if you can get professional data management and recovery services for this.

Thus, you can be better safe than sorry for serious matters like this one.

And if you can do that right, then that combined with these tools I’ve listed here. Can bring you absolute success when it comes to Whatsapp marketing campaigns.

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