Understanding erectile dysfunction from its root

Erectile dysfunction is a reason of great distress among the men these days. The increasing number of patients of the ailment is also the reason why the researchers are also worried about the same. However, the root cause of the suffering lies in the misunderstandings regarding the ailment. There are misconceptions that the ailment makes the men impotent and there are other misconceptions that the ailment is non-recoverable. These are totally baseless and that you can understand from the understanding of the illness itself. On the other hand, you can buy Fildena 100 and have them to get recovered from the ailment too and the records state that near to 80% of the patients have recovered from the same and hence you can also find the same result if followed by the proper understandings.

ED – the main ailment

The first thing that you need to go through is the ailment itself. What happens when you have ED – this is the thing that makes you feel what ED is and how to fight and how you develop the ailment. Hence, get through that at the early stage to understand where you are standing and what for –

Erection of your penis is the science that covers your ED. In ED, you will not have the erection of your penis and if you have that, you will not be able to keep it up till the end of the sexual intercourse. This makes you feel that you are impotent, but the fact is that you will be said impotent only when you are not able to bear the fruits of your sexual intercourse, but here you are not able to have the intercourse at all and the problem lies elsewhere.

The root cause

Everything has some root cause in it and that root cause is the thing that makes you suffer the ailment. In the case of ED too, the same thing happens. You are not getting the erection in you and hence the root cause is in your erection. If you can understand why the penis gets erection and how to ensure that the penis will get erected, you can find the root cause of your ED easily.

It is the veins of your penis that carry the excess blood to the genitals and that make the erection in you. Hence, if you are not finding erection, that essentially means that you are having issues with your blood float to the penis. Your penis veins are not getting enough blood supply and hence it is unable to get erected anyway. However, there can be different reasons why your penis is not getting the blood supply. Here are the different stages that happen with your erection and failure at any point of that will result in your nom-erection.

The different stages of your erection

  • The initial stage of your erection starts from your mind which avails the sexual urge in it. It will then be conveying the same message to your brain and your brain will be noting the activities that are to be carried out henceforth.
  • As your brain notes the activities it will be conveying the message to your heart and hence your heart will be pumping more blood for the purpose of erection.
  • As your heart will be pumping more blood that will be carried out to the penis of yours through the penile veins and that will give you the desired erection of yours.

Understanding the odd one out

Now that you have understood the step by step processes of erection, you can also make out why you are not having the erection in you.

  • The first anomaly can be at your penile veins. They can be congested for several reasons like sediments of glucose, fat, sulphate or nicotine and hence cannot carry the excess blood that has been pumped by the heart. There are several urine tests and blood tests that the doctor will be recommending you here and through that, you can easily make out this and find the treatment of the same when you buy Cenforce 200.
  • The second anomaly can happen with your heart. It can be so that your heart is not able to pump the blood to your penis or it can so happen that your heart is pumping the blood but is not able to continue that for long hours. If that is the case, then also you will be having ED, but here if your heart is strong enough you can buy Fildena 100 and have that for your better result. However, if your heart is weaker you must not avail the drugs anyway.
  • The third problem can lie in your nerves that will not allow your brain to convey the message of beating more and pumping more blood the heart. Your nerves are the carrier of the message of the brain and if they are showing failure then it is the heart of yours that is going to have no message at all and you will not find the erection in you. In this case, you will need some nerve-related medications to resolve the thing and once that is resolved, you can have Fildena 100 to fix the things for you.
  • It is your mind that can finally put disturbance in your system and won’t allow you to have an erection of your penis. If your brain is preoccupied with other thoughts then your mind will be unable to communicate with the brain and your sexual urge will remain in vain. In such cases too you will have ED.

So, why you are having ED and how your ED is so much different from that of impotency – these are clear to you now. It is a nerve and blood circulation related issue and can be some psyche issues too at the end to work on you. You can buy Vidalista 60 and have it to get the things fixed for you, but there is a recommendation that you go with your doctor for the same, before having the drugs from the online stores.

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