Top Natural Makeup Brands In India

Makeup forms an essential part of any individual, which gives them chance to try out certain creams, lotions, and other beauty products to bring forth changes in their appearance. Now, not each and every product that gets used by men and women, happen to be suitable for their skins. This is because, they contain chemicals and artificial ingredients, which damage their skins. Vanity Wagon has come up with the offering of products, which are offered by all those brands that focus towards contains natural ingredients.

Through this article, let us take a look at some of the top rated natural brands for makeup in India:

  • Just Herbs:

The first on the list of top natural makeup brands in India is Just Herbs. It offers a complete line of pure, customized, Ayurvedic skin care products, which are made from organic as well as wildcrafted ingredients accumulated from all over the country. The popularity of this brand stems from the fact that they take a firm stand on honesty. They are honest with the kind of ingredients they use in their products.

Some of the products include Javakusum Hair Oil, Insta Glow Almond Complexion Pack, Aloe Vera Facial Massage Gel etc, which can be ordered from the website of vanity wagon.

  • MyGlamm:

You might have a busy day, with the work schedule and meeting deadlines but still, nothing should make you compromise on how you would always want to look. MyGlamm is extremely popular as far as the brand for the makeup products in India is concerned. They come up with some really good innovations. It has the backing of one of the largest natural beauty companies in Europe. The innovations from MyGlamm help to fulfill their one and only focused goal, which makes one look glamorous in an effortless manner.

Some of the products include Kajal-Eyeliner in Jet Black, their 2 in 1 offer that comprises of a Lipstick, Lip Gloss in Burnt Peach and Flesh-tone Nude, another 2 in 1 pack containing Shimmer Powder and Fixing Powder, Matte Lipstick in Bright Fuchsia among much other range of products. Women looking for these makeup products can easily purchase online from the official website of Vanity Wagon.

  • Paul Penders:

The makeup brand of Paul Penders is exclusive known by three terms, Truly Botanical, Truly Vegan and Truly Ayurvedic. It is an absolutely unique, exclusive natural herbal recipe, which was developed more than 100 years back. The products of Paul Penders carry a combination of the ingredients that are most pure and also of the highest quality. Moreover, they are free from cruelty.

Some of the cosmetic products under this brand include Black Natural Mascara, Medium BB Cream, Love In The Layers Conditioner, Marigold Hand Cream, Men’s Best Toner, Star Sense EDP and many more. People can order these products online by visiting the website of Vanity Wagon.

  • Ruby’s Organics:

This brand has a range of products for makeup, which are particularly meant for the skin textures and tones of Indians. The products tend to go well beyond makeup and actually add value to skin care as well.

Ruby’s Organics products include Lipstick Plum, Creme Blush Poppy Pink, Lipstick Mauve, Brightening Cream Concealer-Neutral, Creme Blush-Orchid and many more. All these products are infused with butter, bio-active oils, and natural clays.

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