Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Apps

Artificial intelligence is one of the most popular breakthroughs in the field of science and technology. It describes the use of human-level intelligence and accuracy for machines. In other words, they are machines that learn to think and act like humans. Artificial intelligence machines and applications have greatly benefited humans, helping to provide easy and accurate means of completing tasks. These machines are not subject to the mental challenges of promoting defects in humans and they are not infinite in their judgment.

Artificial intelligence applications have been used in every field; From tourism to business, from leisure to health. Regardless of any field in your mind, there are artificial intelligence apps that can help make the task easier. Below are 10 artificial intelligence apps that can be used on Android devices.

  1. Cortana:


Originally developed for Windows Phone, Cortana is now available on Android devices. This app was developed by Microsoft and is one of the most popular personal assistant artificial intelligence applications. Cortana lets you sync your smartphone with your PC so you can set a reminder on your PC and receive a notification on your phone. It allows users to track files, videos, and images from your devices. It can send emails, search for important things on the Internet, and so on. If you need an app like Cortana, you should hire an Android app developer from app development companies to help you develop it.

2. Google Allo:

google allo

Google Allo is a messaging app that allows users to work on their Android phones through their voice. It is also used as a voice-to-text app on Android devices. Users can easily express their emotions and feelings using emojis and stickers. Users can use this app to hide their search history in anonymous mode. It is advisable to work for those who are super tired or lazy. The app’s smart reply features learn user behavior and provide suggestions for text and photos based on the user’s regular replies.

3. The Hound:


Hound is an artificially intelligent Android app that works similar to Google Voice Search. You can activate the hound without needing to press the screen, all you need is to say “okay hound”. Hound can be used for a wide range of activities. It can be used to search for keywords on the Internet, find out the current weather or weather forecast, find a nearby food restaurant, Uber ride or count book. If you need an app like Hound, hire an Android app developer.

4. Elsa:


For those who want to improve their English-speaking skills, hire Android app developers to help you develop an app like ELSA. ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is one of the most popular artificial intelligence Android apps for learning English. Users can learn English within 4 weeks of using the app and improve their pronunciation. The app features a test developed by experts, which helps users track their learning progress and get a full daily progress report.

5. Robin:


This is another Voice Assistant Artificial Intelligence app for Android users. It helps users to compose text messages without the need for actual typing. This will help you get GPS navigation for what you need to do. Robin can be used to find traffic status, Twitter news, weather forecast or parking space. This is a great app for those who are driving and don’t want to take their eyes off the road. If you want to do something while driving and don’t want to take your eyes off the road, you need to hire an Android app developer to develop an app like Robin for you.

6. Recent News:

recent news

Recent News is an artificial intelligence news aggregation app used on Android devices. Its algorithm works by studying consumer reading habits. Using your reading habits, past behavior, and interests, the app keeps users updated on the latest articles, news and other relevant content. It helps to keep users informed and to update the things they find interesting. This allows users to bookmark articles and export them to other devices so you can read later.

7. Sifter Magic:

Sifter Magic

In this world of smartphones, people fall in love with photos taking multiple photos every day. Some of these photos never go back or are necessary. Images taken by smartphones are usually large, so they take up a lot of space. Sifter Magic is an artificial intelligence app available on Android that helps you detect junk photos on your smartphone. The app uses machine learning to find photos that users believe aren’t important. The app does not actually delete photos, it only refers to images that the user believes has a low v image. If you usually have a blank on your Android device because of photos, then you should hire an Android app developer to help you develop an app like Siftr Magic.

8. Socratic:

Math is also challenging for many. Socratic is one of the Artificial Intelligence Android apps that help with math homework. It helps users with their math homework in very good time. It gives you relevant concepts that you can adapt to take a picture of homework with the camera app and solve the problem in good timing. Hire an Android app developer to help develop an app like Socratic for efficiency in math homework.

9. Replica:


This is called the best friend app. Replication is one of the most popular and advanced artificial intelligence applications. It was originally developed for iPhones, but is now available on Android devices. The app has the ability to communicate with its users like a real human being. Its conversation does not automatically appear. The app has the ability to adjust the user’s preferences, so its conversation can start simple, making it more specific and personalized. The replica builds a friendship similar to every real-life relationship. Hire an Android app developer to help you develop a best friend app.

10. Edison Assistant:

Also known as Easy Do Smart Assistant, this Artificial Intelligent Android app lets you know the traffic status before you leave your home for work. The app also suggests a less stressful path to where you are going. In addition to helping with traffic, the Edison Assistant helps remove multiple contacts from the phone and book tickets for hotels, movies, events and so on.

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