The 5 Industries That Stand To Benefit Most From Blockchain

Blockchain technology has provided various companies with the ability to shield their information like never before. Instead of being forced to construct a virtual wall of sorts to keep their data safe, blockchain technology allows for the information to be entered on a ledger that does not allow for changes.

This sort of departure from the traditional ways of doing things has led numerous businesses to make certain decisions about their future. These databases are a part of a system that reduces security breaches and in turn, this creates a wide range of opportunities for mobile app developers.

There are certain industries that may not have seemed like prime candidates to utilize apps in the past. Now that all of that has changed, it is time to take a closer look at the five industries that are going to benefit the most from the implementation of this technology. App development firms must remain abreast of all the latest development if they would like to enjoy these advantages as well.


Blockchain may not seem like a likely candidate to make inroads in the energy industry but now that micro generation is becoming more and more viable, all of that has changed. This form of energy generation is now being added to the usual power market to create far more opportunity for those who seek various energy options.

With blockchain, smart meters can now be used and this is a true game changer for those who work within this industry. Thanks to smart meters, energy that is generated and utilized can now be measured with the use of blockchain. If surplus energy is being generated in one location, it can now be passed along to another.

This is the best way to make sure that the original producer gets the compensation that they deserve. Otherwise, it is far too easy for the energy to be stolen. The blockchain serves as the enforcer in these instances so that the typical issues of the past can no longer serve as an obstacle.

Law Firms

The connection between blockchain and law firms may not seem obvious until we stop to think about it a little bit. Law firms can benefit from the development of blockchain related apps as much as any other business. Law firms have a sizable amount of sensitive data that needs to be protected.

With blockchain, these firms now have the ability to utilize apps as a means of storing their information and they no longer have to worry about this data being tampered with. Smart contracts are also going to become far more common and they will also make life easier for law firms.

Instead of a law firm being forced to collect money from their clientele after they have achieved certain objectives, the two parties can sign a smart contract. These contracts ensure that payment will be provided if the proper incentives are met. This keeps nonpayment from ever having a chance to take place.

Government Organizations

Shockingly enough, more and more government organizations are getting into the swing of things when it comes to blockchain technology. On its face, this development should really not be all that surprising. The government could use a heightened level of security as far as all of their most crucial documents are concerned.

When this information is forced go through various protocols before it can be passed from one organization to the next, this puts a major damper of the level of efficiency that can be achieved. By using blockchain to link the departments, the data can now be released in real time.

The citizen and the departments will both have the chance to consent to sharing the data first. App developers now have the opportunity to create applications that will be used as a means of decreasing the level of government corruption that takes place around the world.

Defense Infrastructures

Nations that once lived in fear of unauthorized alterations to their infrastructure no longer have to act upon this understandable trepidation. Blockchain’s ability to block out these types of nuisances (literally) is making a number of countries reconsider their mentalities in this regard. Network firmware and operating systems must remain protected at all times.

If these systems should be compromised for any reason, the results could be catastrophic. That is why so many countries are already looking into blockchain as a means of strengthening their defense’s infrastructure. In turn, this creates a bevy of opportunities for the average developer to create the necessary apps.

Since most countries store this information across a number of different data centers, it is important that they remain linked in the safest possible manner. This information should not be easily accessible or easily manipulated. With the usage of blockchain technology, these sorts of problems are removed from the equation almost entirely. Consensus based access should always be the goal for defense infrastructures.

Health Care

Last but most certainly not least, we have the healthcare industry. This is an industry that thrives when information is being properly protected. For example, the average medical facility is already looking into the benefits of digital signature as far as keeping this information safe is concerned. Blockchain allows for doctors and their patients to access information without taking the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

The availability of this information can be very tough to regulate, especially in a world where there are no shortage of hackers trying to gain access to it. Just imagine what it would be like if there was a blockchain based app that doctors and patients could access simultaneously in order to communicate with one another.

Thanks to the advancements that have been made, this dream is going to become a reality eventually. Not only does this increase the level of care that a patient receives but it also reduces the amount of fraud that could potentially take place. These savings are then passed down to the patient, creating a true win/win scenario for all of the parties that are going to be involved.

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