Taxi Booking App Development: 5 Factors to Consider Before Developing a Ride Hailing Services.

For the past one decade we have witnessed a lot of changes in the technology and its effects on the ways we do business. Internet continued to disrupt every aspect of business as it is a revolution of its own kind. Apart from internet there was one more thing which was continuously disrupting almost all industry sectors. Yes, I am talking about the On-Demand Services. This revolution was started with Uber when it introduced the On-Demand model in the taxi industry. Uber soon became a leader in the world of taxi services.

After Uber many companies tried to replicate its success. However, DiDi and Grab did manage to pull it off but the rest of them failed. On-Demand Taxi Services is still in its nascent stage and there are a plenty of things which are to be explored yet. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to make the next Uber then this article is for you. Building a service like Uber is a walk in the park and you’ve to keep in mind a lot of things before you start your mission. Below are few of the significant factors which you must consider before developing a ride hailing service.

Analyse the market and your competitors

It’s a rule of thumb that before starting any business you must have an idea of the market and your competitors. Taxi Hailing Services are no exception. So, before you begin your new venture you must have a sound knowledge of current market scenario and the competitors. This will give you a crystal-clear idea on how to proceed. You can modify your plans in accordance with the market. You must conduct the market study in such a way that it answers all the below questions.

Who are your target audience?

What are your business goals?

On which Platforms you want to build your mobile App?

What should be the budget of your app?

Do you have the right cars?

This question might sound peculiar to most of you. Because we have this common notion that almost every car would fit the taxi business. However, it’s not true. There is manufacturing of cars done specifically for the taxi services. These taxis have the required security measures and other elements which are essential for the taxi service.

Differentiation features between passenger app & Driver app

To build robust Taxi booking app solution you must have a clear distinction between the essential features between Passenger’s app and Driver’s app.

Passenger’s App

Registration: – User must be able to register in your app through social media sites like Facebook or Instagram. An email would do the job too for him to log in.

Contact your Driver: – User must be able to contact his driver to check the status of his ride.

Fare Calculator: – There must be a feature in the app which can show an estimated fare to the rider.

Multiple Payment Options: – Your app must have multiple payment options such as cash, credit card, debit card, and wallet.

Rate & Review: – User must be able to rate the driver once the ride is over.


Driver’s App

Driver’s Profile: – In this feature the driver is required to submit all the important information which includes their licence, tax number, and other important details before the registration.

Navigation: – Navigation must be sound as it assists the drivers to reach at the pick-up point without any delay or confusion.

Availability Status: – There must be a feature which allows the driver to manage their availability status. They can turn it off to not get any requests.

Push Notifications: – Drivers must get notification in regards to the new trips as well the payments.

Statistics: – Drivers must get the statistics for their upcoming trips and payments.

  1. Decide Budget & Timeline

Deciding budget is one of the significant factor which you must consider. Initially, Venture Capital and investors fund all the start-ups. To ensure that you get a good amount from them you need to convince them by showcasing your service’s USPs. Moreover, once the amount is granted the next step is to approach a mobile app development firm who builds robust Taxi Booking App Development solutions. Different companies charge on different methodology. You’ve to ensure that the total cost doesn’t go over your predefined limit.

  1. Payment Integration

One of the key advantage of an On-Demand Taxi Service over the traditional service is the payment system. On-Demand Taxi services spares you from the hassles of small bills, waiting to get change and many other odd circumstances. There are many technologies which you can integrate in your payment system. These technologies are:

Google Wallet






Uber is a leader when it comes to ride hailing services. However, following its footsteps can be a total disaster. It’s because the time and the market scenario have changed. But you don’t have to worry because if you consider the factors that we have mentioned then surely you will make an impact. Will you be the next Uber? Who knows! But surely you will be on the right track.












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