How To Take Care Of Leather Travel Bags?

Your leather travel bags go through a lot. They withstand long and arduous journeys. Yet there may be times when the shine and the condition need some attention. They tackle dirt and heat, and strong winds

The Leather in the leather travel bags is skin. It needs regular care. It will stretch and get cracked. Wiping away the dust with a soft cloth will keep the Leather in good condition. Overfilling the bag can make it lose its original silhouette.

Leather is very popular when one goes to buy bike accessories online. Many accessories are available in Leather. Even though they are long-lasting, they can deteriorate quickly without proper care. Therefore, one needs to care for and maintain the leather accessories patiently.

The leather panniers for bike are more durable. They withstand the speed and weight of items. They are easy to carry around. They do not cause any distractions for the bike rider.

Why Use A Leather Bag?

As stated above, a leather bag has a separate fan base. The status quo for a leather bag is different from other bags. It is more durable and stylish. The leather travel bags are the show stoppers of the journey. Their premium quality ensures that the bag withstands pressure and weight. Leather naturally has a unique texture. Finesse and elegance are innate qualities of leather bags.

How to Take Care Of Leather Travel Bags?

Clean the Leather Bag Properly

Using a leather bag means one has to care for it properly. Wipe the bag with a clean cloth. It needs to get done every other day. When wet with material regularly, the leather travel bags stay prim and proper. It helps build-up dirt and dust. Dirt build-up can dry up the natural oils in the Leather. 

Cleaning once or twice a year is the best for leather bags. Having clean hands is a prerequisite before the cleaning starts. The natural oils on the hands can alter the appearance of the bag. Leather is susceptible to grease and oils. 

Briskly Sweep Over the Bags

It is imperative not to use harsh brushes on Leather. A thorough cleaning removes any dirt build-up. Applying in a circular motion will help unclog the pores. Using too much water is not good. A soft cleaning damp cloth or a soft-bristled brush is not ideal for cleaning leather travel bags. Leather takes time to dry.  

Condition the Leather Bag

The look of your leather bag will depend on how frequently you condition it. According to experts, it gets suggested monthly to 3-6 months to condition the Leather. It will give the bag a more shiny and polished look. However, one can do this process once a year if one wants to go for a more rugged look.

Conditioning the leather travel bags is similar to how we moisturise our skin. As the oils evaporate, the Leather dries out over time. Also, exposing the Leather to excessive heat can cause the oils to evaporate.

How to Condition the Leather Bag

Regularly conditioning the leather bag prevents flaking. It gets enriched with oil. A leather conditioner gets formulated to keep the Leather soft and clean. The conditioner restores the natural moisture in the leather.   

Apply the conditioner to the leather travel bags and wait 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe off the excess. Others are simple as they dry up over time.

Storing the Leather Bag

There will be times when one will not need the bag. The bag will lie in storage. When one has to keep the bag packed away for a while, one needs to store it properly. Proper storage will ensure no fading, moulding or cracks or distortion.

The leather travel bags must be away from sunlight. Dyed Leather fades over time. With continued exposure to sunlight and UV rays, the pigments dissolve. The sunlight breaks down the pavement in a leather colour. They end up fading and bleak. Better store them where there is no sunlight.

Keeping the bag in a breathable cotton cover is recommendable. As dust gets caught in the gaps in the hardware, it can also settle on the surface of the Leather. The leather can lose its shine. The damage is irreparable.

Tips Before You Clean Your Bags

Using proper cleaning agents ensures thorough cleaning and an elongated bag life. Do not go for do-it-yourself solutions. They may do more damage than good. These solutions can have a chemical reaction with the natural oils in the leather travel bags.

Before using a cleaner from Carorbis, it is always good to spot-check. Put the product on a discreet part of the bag. See how the Leather reacts to the products. The leather travel bags from Carorbis are strong and durable. They can perfectly withstand long journeys and the heavy weight of the luggage. Just proper care will elongate its life. 

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