Photo Album and Its Importance to the Family Tree

One of the saddest facts is that the world is obviously going digital. People spend more time in front of their desktop, laptop, or by scrolling up and down their mobile phones. The beauty of traditional living is slowly fading, and people are negligent about that.

It is evident that the emergence of high technology devices is tearing people apart and disconnecting them to reality. It is sad to wake up on a day that the world is moving digitally – everything is one click away and interaction will be executed in front of screens.


For me, the primary purpose of making a photo album is to help in preserving the family tree. It is not only to have fun taking photos and putting them together in an album once printed out. Aside from the joy and creativity it brings, it preserves the bloodline, family history, and momentous events.

Future generations would still be able to recognize their ancestors which is rare nowadays, right? A family tree is not only the ones you do in class on your grade school days, but it also makes you realize that past is not just a past, it always has something to do with the future. Who knows you’re the great-granddaughter of a notable person back then, right? You should know how to value your family tree because it would be a great help in future genealogy research of your future generations.


If you try to locate and browse your family photo albums, you would see different scenarios in a printed photograph. You could see a young beautiful lady who used to be your great-grandmother, a picture of your grandfather during World War, or a picture of your grandparents on their wedding day.

Photo albums seem to freeze time and preserve it for as long as the keeper can store it. When you look at the pictures, do you see yourself in that particular photo? Or you simply think of how it feels to there at that very moment? And this is only one of many importance of photo album in your life, it stops time for you to experience being there even in one look at the photo.


The beauty of having photo albums is that you have something to look at that suddenly makes you laugh or cry. If you decided to go and take a look at the photo album back in the 1950s, you would see the joy of your ancestors during their family reunion, and suddenly you would wish you were there. Or you go browse the photo album back in the World War II, you see a photo of your grandparents hugging each other before grandpa leaves for war. Suddenly, you would feel sorry and a precious tear would fall on your face.

By looking and making time to visit the albums, you would see how different moments were captured back then, and it would possibly ignite the inner artistry in you, to do the same, capture every moment no matter what mood it shows.


When you make an effort looking at the photos on your family photo album, you would feel like you are time travelling.  This is the kind of magic that photo album brings without you noticing and appreciating.

It brings you back to the past without exerting too much, it brings you somewhere you’ve never been in the present, and it makes you meet people you’ve never seen before. It somehow acts as a family history book. Don’t be surprised if you’d see a photo of your when you were just a toddler so much obsessed with your pacifiers – don’t think you can get that off your mouth either.


When you witness the life of your ancestors by only taking time browsing your family photo albums, you would possibly feel that you appreciate your existence more. Even you weren’t there with them by that time, you could still feel what they felt. You witnessed an excerpt of their lives back to the days before you were born.

You appreciate your existence more because you know how your ancestors strived and worked hard for the following generations of the family where you belong. It would make you learn to live the life the way they lived theirs.


There is no better feeling than to know that even when you’re gone, your memories are left preserved and valued. A family who takes photo album making as a tradition is more likely to be more bonded than other families. Why? Because they know how to value life, they know how to keep memories. Moreover, they think that it is the only way they can still be remembered when they’re gone.

When the future generations take a look at your family photo album, it would feel like you’re still with them, while your successors tell stories about you and how you lived your life in your days. Such a great scenario to think of, right?


When you’re feeling blue and suddenly miss your grandmother who used to comfort you, don’t hesitate to look at her on the photo albums. You would see and feel, by just seeing her on the old photographs make you feel better.

And might as well while turning the pages, you wouldn’t notice that you’re having a great smile on your face. Photo albums aren’t just something to store or display on your living area, it is made to make you feel that you and your loved ones are still connected no matter what. A simple turning of pages would be able to change your mood magically, whether you like it or you love it.

Nowadays, people come and go without the assurance that their memories on earth are remembered, to be forgotten forever could be the most painful thing to think. So, why not start capturing moments, gathering photos, and turning your empty photo albums into a nicely filled one? I hope you’ve learned the value of preserving family tree by just doing a simple album.


Photo Album and Its Importance to the Family Tree author bioKath Ramirez is a writing enthusiast and is devoting herself in it since she had been their school’s newspaper editor-in-chief. Aside from writing, she loves dogs (she has four dogs in total), she loves calligraphy writing and scrapbooking. Kath is also engaged in exploring different places to stay for vacation or Holidays and a food addict. She is now a daytime writer for Worthington Clark Genealogy, a company in Australia who specifies in the field of genealogy.

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