Living green & in style: 10 cool ideas for an eco-friendly apartment

Living green & in style: 10 cool ideas for an eco-friendly apartment

We see our home away from the chaotic world out there but it truly is a sanctuary! Ever wondered how much pollution and intoxicants you bring in without even realising it! What’s more surprising isn’t that what you bring in but the air quality of the home, contaminated by the very items you’ve been living with so far!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated every one in eight deaths around the world are due to air pollution exposure. Fortunately, it isn’t too much of a challenge turning your apartment “green” or eco-friendly. Just a few small changes can make a great difference so here’re some apartment living tips.

  1. Ecological apartment ideas are typically cheap or free

People who insisted on environmental friendly apartments in Dubai are at the benefit of saving big bucks by recycling existing materials, selecting vintage furniture, skip chic finishes and materials that are expensive and rather, less green! The primary rule of green living is going back to the basics, adapting a simpler lifestyle with lots of natural materials, plants, abundant sunlight and fresh air. These are extremely good for a healthy living and come free of cost!

  1. Live green without compromising on style

An uncluttered interior and keeping things simple are the two essential facts. In fact, nothing looks more contemporary yet pleasing than bare floors, glass furniture and many other alternatives to the lacquered or dark wood furniture.

  1. Low maintenance

Another greatest benefit of green apartment living tips is low maintenance! You’ll surely choose durable, natural furniture and materials that reflect simplicity and add a clean touch to your home. For instance, avoiding wall-to-wall carpet would save you from dust allergens and prevent chemicals released from the carpet. And no carpet means no daily vacuuming thus saving time for more important things!

  1. Bring in some plants

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released by most synthetic products and definitely not good for health, especially in closed or small space such as within an apartment. Renowned organisations such as EHP and NASA conducted a research and concluded that plants are far better than HEPA filters you buy from ventilation system to filter such pollutants. Plants are known to take in carbon dioxide and giver out oxygen as well as absorb harmful airborne pollutants.

  1. Natural floor covering & textiles

Off-grassing refers to the process when certain items release harmful chemicals over time. Take for instance a piece of carpet or a rug that releases an odd smell after a few days and this very smell is the airborne chemicals. However, not smelling anything doesn’t mean there isn’t any off-grassing! Just to be on the safe side, skip the synthetic materials in the common sitting areas and go for washable fibres instead.

  1. Hold onto retro or vintage furniture

Newly bought furniture contains chemicals that give off-grassing for years thereby turning your interior into a home-ground for airborne micro pollutants. Swap the usual furniture with vintage or recycled stuff that won’t just save you some dough but far safer than breathing contaminants.

  1. Low VOC paints

Besides the carpets and rugs, wall paint is also a VOC culprit but, we’re lucky to have such paints in market nowadays that are lighter on pocket and far less toxic. You may query a hardware vendor or paint shop about eco-friendly paints as well as sustainable apartment living tips and finding low VOC paints would thus be easier.

  1. Bamboo, steel, stone & glass for a classy decoration

There’re many finer alternatives to wood-based decors and stuff such as bamboo, stone, glass and metal that require less caring and maintenance being sturdy and long-lasting. Some of the most amazing places to play with these alternative items are;

  • Kitchen counters and other surfaces
  • Walls and floors
  • Cabinet work that can be of bamboo instead of the wood
  1. Avant-garde and conscious furniture for fun stays

Within the great variety of materials that can be recycled, are the cardboard boxes; these are processed based on renewable energy sources, which makes them doubly friendly with the environment.

There are very attractive and original furniture designs such as this chair, from Nordwerk Recycling Design that are its organic forms, reinforces the concept of naturalness and respect for nature, making our spaces avant-garde places including elements that represent the consciousness of recycling.

  1. Tables with stories bring personality to each room

In recycling we can give a second life opportunity to an element maintaining its original function or transforming it into something totally different.

In the unique Vintage Furniture rooms, the wooden table is recycled, besides having original legs for support: railway wheels.

Undoubtedly, such type of furniture other than contributing to the environment, will print a special touch to your decoration, can you imagine everything they have seen happen?


With the above apartment living tips, you can transform your home interior into an eco-friendly nook!


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