How To Show Hidden 20+ Channels On Roku With Channel Access Code

Roku is the most popular and reliable streaming device, people are very much fond of this platform where millions of users stream daily base to get their favourite Tv shows and movies. If you are one of the Roku users and you want to get more entertainment by getting the hidden channel on your Roku TV then you should read the article till the end to get the accurate method of adding channels with code. Before you add hidden channels with access codes on your Roku TV, you need to know that you have to add your Roku account with your Roku TV.

If you don’t know then follow the steps and you can add the Roku TV with My Account then read carefully till the end because every point is important to the subject. You can also add many official channels which you need to pay for a subscription such as hbogo com activate.

Linked Roku with My Account

Step #1. First, you need to log-in into your Roku account then go to the main page “My Account” and click on “Link a device” button.

Step #2. Now Connect Roku device with TV and Turn on Roku device.

Step #3. Connect your TV with Wi-Fi internet by entering the wireless code to connect with wireless, in this way Roku will get internet.

OR You can connect the Roku device with Ethernet port to get access to the internet connection to your Roku device.

Step #4. When the Roku get internet it will ask for an update, go for it.

Step #5. After an update, the system will reboot.

Step #6. When Reboot completed Roku screen appears the code such as QKUB.

Step #7. Go to the web browser and open the link and submit the code which appears on Roku TV screen.

Step #8. If any payment information asked just skip the page by click on the “Skip” button.

Step #9. Now select the channel which you want to link into your Roku account, add only one channel so the linking process will get fast. And click on the “Continue” button

Step #10. Now your Roku TV is linked with your Roku account, to confirm check “My account” option available at the top.

Step #11. You can also check the serial number of your Roku device in “My linked device” section to confirm the connection.

In this way, you can connect your Roku TV with My Account and enjoy the endless possibilities of entertainment.

How TO Add Channel To My Roku

To add the channel you need to follow the steps carefully

Step #1. When your Roku TV is connected with My account and log in to Roku account. Go to “Manage account”.

Step #2. Click on “Add channel with a code”.

Step #3. Another page popup where you need to enter the code of channel to access it. You can pick up from the below list of Roku channel codes as mention in this article.

Step #4. After you get the access code click on the “Add Channel” button.

Step #5. Only for the securities purpose and private channels rules, Roku will popup the warning note only for formalities, just click on the “OK” button.

Now your channel added to Roku account, to check go to settings > system > system update > check now.

Note: Most of the time when we add any channel on Roku it takes at least 24 hours to update, so be patient if the channel does not show.

Best Roku Channels List with Access Codes

These codes of every channel work properly and allow you to add the channel to your Roku TV, only when you have linked your Account with Roku TV. Due to the updating of Roku software some of the channel codes do not work if this happens to your Roku account then shares the codes with your current Roku version and device model.

  • Unofficial Twitch (TwitchTV) Free
  • Wilderness (fl821095) Free
  • Great Chefs (greatchefs) Free
  • Roku Movies (zb34ac) Free
  • m3u Black (m3ublack) Free
  • Neon Party Games (H2CLHP) $1.99 (to remove ad)
  • FilmOn (NMEVA) Free
  • Back from the Grave (BFTG) Free
  • Al Jazeera (aljazzeraenglish) Free
  • Newswire (newswire) Free
  • Hero Talkies (herotalkies) Free
  • Cannabis Channel (SPTFM) Free
  • Nowhere TV (H9DWC) Free
  • The Internet Archive (NMJS5) Free
  • Amateurlogic (Alogic) Free
  • Ace TV (acetv) Free
  • Maddy Mation (MADDYMATION) Free
  • Redbox Digital Beta (RBXDIGITAL) PPV
  • EuroRoku (euroroku) $20/month
  • Clikia (clikialive) Free
  • Toonami Aftermath TV (RRNNKLQ) Free
  • Super Stalker (STBEMU) Free
  • Syntrix Beta (synctrixbeta) Free
  • MaddyGTV Late Night (MGTVLN) Free
  • Pub-D-Hub (PUBDHUB ) Free

Final Words:

In this article, we learn about how to link Roku TV with My account and also top rated private channels success codes which do not show regularly in every Roku TV. If any question to add a channel on Roku or others then comment us and you can also share your experience with us.

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