How to Prepare for a Computer Certification Exam

The IT industry has been advancing rapidly with every passing day. Due to this remarkable progression, there is a plethora of job opportunities and perks in the industry. If you are planning to form a career in IT, there is no better time than today.

Even if you are not an IT graduate or a hi-tech person, you can easily enter this field by acquiring a credible computer certification. An internationally recognized computer certification can help you make a promising career in the IT field. While you have started a computer certification program, you must be nervous as to how you will get through. Here is how you can prepare for a computer certification exam.

1. Look out for good study material

Find a few good study resources for your exam preparation. You do not have to spend money on that, as a lot of free resources are available online. You just need to know where you can get them. Moreover, formal and informal training is different. Formal training is more reliable and in-depth. However, it will not spoon-feed you everything. You have to put effort into yourself.

So, do research and find sources on the topics you study in the class. Connect the ideas and develop an understanding of the linkages. Watch videos and read supplementary material. However, get the study guides from a legit source.

2. Get information about taking the certification exam

Equipping yourself with technical knowledge is the first step. Once you have covered all the course material for the certification exam, learn how to take the exam. Many tips come in handy while preparing for a certification exam. In the case of AWS, give the test in a fluctuating sequence.

For instance, you can start from the no-brainers. You can review the previous questions in AWS. Doing the no-brainers first will save you time for the hard part and also ensure marks of the easy, confirmed-right questions. While preparing for Google Cloud, cover all the case studies provided by Google. This certification exam asks questions detailing multiple customer situations. You can review them beforehand by listing possible situations for every case study.

In CompTIA, attempt every question. This exam has no penalty for wrong answers. So, better guess than leaving the question blank. For the ITIL, read all the questions and statements first to understand them properly. The multiple-choice questions are usually more complicated. While attempting the Microsoft certification exam, calculate the time you have for every question. Allocate time according to the limit given for the exam. In the PMP exam, you are required to choose the ‘most correct’ answers. And most of the questions have at least two correct answers.

3. Attempt practice tests

Practice exams can be a huge help when you are preparing for a specific certification. It helps build confidence. Moreover, these tests enable you to evaluate yourself and give you an idea about the exam pattern. Many IT professionals have recommended practice tests. Apart from solving practice tests, consider real-life scenarios and come up with the relevant solutions. Solving practice tests should be the main element of preparation for a computer certification exam. After attempting the online tests, see what information you got right

4. Read the Objectives:

Many people appear in a certification exam without even perusing the test objectives. These objectives give you an idea about what you are expected to do in the exam. The objectives are usually quite clear and explicit. You get a bird’s eye view about the upcoming exam. Take the test objectives as a window into the realm of computer certification. The certification exams are updated usually every three years. They incorporate the updated ideas according to the technological advancements and drop the obsolete items. Doing this is one of the most crucial parts of preparing for the computer certification exam.

5. Enroll in a certification preparation course:

Search online and you will find many training centers and computer certification institutes offering training and preparation courses. You need to make sure that you are working with an authorized center. Authorized centers usually have a very high success rate because they are working very closely with the certification provider like Microsoft, Oracle, or Cisco. Their study material, training lab, and instructors are well qualified. They will guide you on every step from registration to appearing in an exam. Plus, you will be able to interact and take advice from people who have actually passed the certification exam.

6. Take it easy:

It is all good to be dedicated and focused on your success but make sure you are not compromising your health or quality of life. Look at your daily schedule and make sure that it will be easy to dedicate one or two hours for training classes or exam preparation. If you are mentally or physically exhausted by your job, going for certification will further add to your misery. Some of these exams can be incredibly hard. For example, ACE CPT Exam requires you to study from a book of more than 800 pages. So, you need to have ample time and energy to prepare for this.

Do not try to pass multiple certifications at the same time. Go slow and one step at a time. Also, make sure that you are choosing the right certification. There’s no point going for an advanced certification when you are just starting. Every certification vendor offers different certifications for beginners. But at the same time, do not waste time on absolute basic certifications if you have the knowledge and experience. This is something to discuss with the instructors or consultants at a training center.

No matter what, you can easily get certified with a pinch of determination and some very good sources. Reading the objectives is important because chances are high that the exam would revolve around the test objectives.

If you are nervous about your preparation and exam, keep attempting practice tests. It will help with your confidence levels and keep you motivated to study more.
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