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How to Plan Your Ideal Trip and Earn Money While Travelling the World

Are you an avid traveller?

Are you looking for ways to earn a few bucks in your next trip?

Do you like to spend a lot while travelling and want to compensate for the same?

Then you are at the right place!

Everyone loves to travel. Exploring new cuisines, places and culture is indeed a life-altering experience. The memories you can make while travelling is priceless! A well-planned trip can refresh your soul and help you become productive by breaking the monotony of life. The increasing number of travellers in recent years has brought enormous economic growth to popular places. Studies show that the U.S. tourism industry attained more than $1.5 trillion in terms of economic output in the year 2016. These are the clear indications of the popularity of travel and tourism among the masses.

The advantage of travelling is not only limited to refreshment, new experiences or economic growth. With digitalization, the entire world has become our home and working while travelling was never such fun before!

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Let’s dive into a few tips and tricks that will help you plan your next trip & allow you to earn some extra bucks while enjoying your favourite places!

Tips for a successful trip

The following tips should be kept in mind while planning any trip:

  1. Research before you reach.

It’s obvious to fantasize about your dream destinations while having a mangorita with your friends. But to actually make it into a reality, proper planning and research will be needed. Make sure you read about the place & rules for outsiders, mark important things like hotels, hospitals, work opportunities, etc. prior to making any solid travel plan.


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            2.  Book your accommodations beforehand.

It’s always better to book your accommodations before reaching the place. That way, you will save yourself from the last minute rush. Moreover, it is not always safe to stay in any random place in an unknown destination. So, a well researched and pre-booked place will provide you with a pleasant & safe stay so that you can put your energy in exploring and working.

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3. Carry less.

It is the most important tip for any traveller. The less luggage you will carry, the less burden you will have. It will allow you to pack faster & require less space. While travelling to nearby places, you will just need an aluminum roof rack on top of your car and you are good to go!


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Ways to work while travelling

Now let’s have a look at different work opportunities that you can grab while travelling:

  1. Work online.


Do you want the freedom to sip your favourite Paul Masson brandy, enjoy the view of your hotel window and work? Then, freelancing is just for you! A laptop, stable internet connectivity and passion are the only thing that you will need. This is the best job while travelling as it will give you the flexibility to work according to your time, pace, convenience and allow you to earn money!

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2.   Teach English.

If you are a native English speaker and love teaching, then you will find ample jobs as an English trainer all around the globe. Especially, in places where English is the second language. While non-native speakers may need a certificate, you can always opt for that a few months prior to leaving for your trip. This way, you will have an added advantage while you travel to the new place.     

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3.   Serve in hotels.

Do you love serving drinks to people? Are you the one who always gift a chocolate box to the guests with a smiling face? Then you can opt for jobs in well-known hotels and restaurants while travelling. Every place is bound to have hotels, bars or coffee shops where you can join as a waiter/waitress or even as a bartender.


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    4.  Work in the reception.

Every place has hostels, hotels or resorts where often people are needed to work in the reception area. Cleaning jobs, monitoring jobs, cooking jobs, etc. at these places are also very common. Just search in a local newspaper & you will find piles of such jobs. Often, they offer a free stay which will save your money too!

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5.  Perform at the streets or clubs.

If you are good at any performing art, for example, singing, dancing, playing instruments or even showing magic, then this job is just for you! You can let your inhibitions go by performing in busy streets, railway stations or clubs. Since nobody will recognise you in that completely new place, you can fully set yourself free. So, what can be a better option to utilize your talent, entertain people as well as earn a few bucks in between your trips?\

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6.  Go for house sitting/ babysitting/dog sitting.

These are one of the most popular and easy to find jobs in any place. There are plenty of families who are always in need of someone who can look after their house during their holiday trips. Similarly, office going couples are in constant need of someone to take care of their baby or dog during the day hours. You can always go for such jobs instead of lying around alone in your hotel room.


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7.   Be a travel photographer.

Who does not love to click photographs during trips? Have you ever thought of selling those photographs and earn money?

If you own a camera and have adequate knowledge, you can try your hands in travel photography. Selling those professional photographs online will not only give you a platform to showcase your talent but also help you in earning money.

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Working while travelling will allow you to understand different places, work culture, help you enhance your skills, bond with new people and reduce your travel expenses to a great extent. It will also allow you to have a new perspective on life. Just keep your passport, visa, id card and other important documents ready as they might be required for verification before joining anywhere while travelling. It is just a matter of time & skill management and voila! You will have memories, experiences, and exposure for a lifetime.   

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