How to Plan a Stress-free Out-of-Town Hen Party

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It’s hard to plan a wedding. There are simply too many tasks you need to oversee. For example, you need to check if the party vendors can indeed deliver the supplies on time. You also need to fit the gowns, visit the wedding venue, and finalize your guest list.

You definitely need to give yourself a break! A few weeks before you get hitched, you should head out with your girlfriends.

Celebrate your last few moments as a single woman with an awesome out-of-town hen party.

What better way to get rid of your wedding planning stress than traveling with your gals? There’s actually a long list of reasons why travelling can help you enhance your mental well-being.

To help you enjoy a hassle-free party abroad, we have created a list of tips and tricks you should follow.

Choose the date and set your budget

Before you start planning where to go and what to do, you need to pick a date and set your working budget. This will help you choose the right party options, accommodation and travel packages.

Contact your girlfriends and ask about their schedule. When are they free? Are they available on the weekends? Can they join your out-of-town party for three days? You need to have the schedule sorted out so you can have everyone join the occasion.

Once you have the schedule figure out, you can proceed to check the expenses. How much do you have to pay for the flight, hotel reservation, club passes, and party entertainment? How much will your guest need to pay for the event? Do you think they can shell out that much money?

Book your flights together

How to Plan a Stress-free Out-of-Town Hen Party

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It’s way better to book your flights or train rides together. This way, you don’t have to wait for guests who missed their flight or ride. Ask your gals to meet you at a certain part of the airport or train station on the day of the travel.

If you want to sit together in the plane, you have to book early. This way, you can save money and choose your seats. It will also help you avoid overbooked flights.

Help your gals get prepared

How to Plan a Stress-free Out-of-Town Hen Party

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It’s most likely that some of the members of your bridal squad have never gone abroad. You need to help them prepare. You can create a checklist of items they need to bring such as passports, travel visas, travel insurance, and other documents.

You can also help them pack their things. Make sure that you pack the right clothes. Check the weather updates on your chosen travel destination so you don’t end up bringing the wrong things. 

Create a legit itinerary

What things do you want to include to your hen party entertainment package? Are you going to hire a cheeky male exotic dancer to entertain the whole bridal squad? Do you want to go bar hopping? Do you want to go hiking to your favorite peaks?

Make a list of the activities and the places you want to visit. The list doesn’t need to be super organized because surely, you will have to make a few improvisations along the way. Just make sure that you discuss the activities and itinerary with your guests before the actual day.

Double check everything

A few weeks before the hen party, you should check the accommodations, flight booking, and other arrangements. Did your hotel reservation came through? Did the hotel charge the payment for the reservation?

How about the airport transfers? You also need to set this up. You might also need to book group transfers most especially when you go bar hopping at night. This way, you don’t have to get worried about getting separated from each other.

To lighten your load, you should enlist the help of one of your gals to double check everything. This will help you enjoy a smoother hen party vacation.

Prepare your Plan B!

Even if you have meticulously worked on your hen party travel plan, you might still encounter a few bumps along the road. That’s why you need to have a plan B.

For example, in case you get separated, you need to have a designated meeting point. Each guest should have the contact number of the hotel. They should also have a number of the taxi in case they need to go back to the hotel.

In case you travel to a country that doesn’t speak English, you need to equip your guests with a local phrase book. You also need to check the location of the embassy just in case you get into trouble.      

How to Plan a Stress-free Out-of-Town Hen Party

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Preparing for your out-of-town hen party might be a bit daunting. You will surely need the help of your friends to organize everything. We hope that our simple party preparation checklist can make your planning process easier.

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