How to Boost Your Product Ranking on Walmart

Only when an “algorithm” is engaged does the word “SEO” come into play. Simply put, you are making your listing more appealing to the algorithm by optimizing it. Your listing will eventually improve with each small action you take, such as creating a catchy title, a fantastic image, or outlining the features in bullet points.

They all assist Walmart seller advertising in identifying your offering, and if it is appropriate, it ranks it at the top, awarding you the coveted “BUY BOX.” Walmart SEO is what we call this.

If you are listed at the top of the search results for the term you selected, your optimization efforts, provided you have added a few other  Walmart selling tools, have been successful. The article includes directions to boost your products on Walmart.

How Can You Boost Your Walmart Listing Rank?

Recognize that more than listing your product on Walmart is required.

Therefore, the crucial query is: How can I rank products on Walmart? The best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques should be used to optimize your listing.

When you optimize your listings, you will see a significant improvement in the ranks as well, and when you are ranked first in the search results, you will finally be awarded the buy box.

You must be knowledgeable about Walmart SEO to complete all of those tasks. As previously stated, it is crucial to help customers find your goods when they use the search box on Walmart to look for a particular phrase, search term, query, or product. When followed, Walmart’s own set of rules might help you rank your products higher.

Tips for Improving Walmart Product Listing Quality 

  1. The Product Title should be Brief & Clear

This guarantees flawless readability and complete completion of the listing portion. If the product title is longer than this limit, it may appear lower in the search results.

  • Ensure the title is compelling enough for the purchasers and include prospective keywords to keep it concise and innovative.
  • [Brand + Clothing Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style (if applicable) + Pack Count] is the formula for creating an optimal product title.
  • Do not use more than 50 to 75 characters in the title.
  • Create a unique name for your product that another vendor hasn’t already taken. A specific product name boosts ranking.
  • Use of symbols or special characters such as 1/2, TM, @, *, hearts, etc., is not permitted.
  • Include a few positive qualities. Estee Lauder Compact Powder Matte Finish, as an illustration. Here, the product’s property “matte finish” serves as a description.
  • Include the main keyword for the merchandise you sell.
  • Make sure to include the color in the title if customers are more inclined to search for your product’s color. But doing so is voluntary.
  • If your item has a variant group, do not include the color. Instead, include a description with a color chart.
  1. The Shelf Description of the Product Must Include Three Benefits

The three key benefits of the product are allowed by Walmart to be listed in this section, which is more akin to a “highlight segment” of the product. Therefore, you should use appropriate keywords here.

This is where you can play if you need to include keywords in the title. But be specific and avoid overusing the keywords. A customer must find it rich and natural to read it.

  • List the product’s top 3 to 5 features in bullet points.
  • If feasible, include one or two keywords here.
  • Add detailed product details while keeping it comprehensible.
  • Make sure that each bullet point is clear and concise.
  • Wait to say what the product is again.
  • Only write pointless details.
  • Avoid overusing the terms.
  1. The Lengthy Product Description Should Include All Features

This area of the product listing, where you provide a thorough description of the item, is also crucial. You are free to write a list or a paragraph between 250 and 300 words. This is a generous number you can utilize to your advantage by providing some advice or information about your product to demonstrate your expertise.

  • This part should be at most 250-300 words.
  • List all the advantages and crucial characteristics of the product.
  • Use the synonyms for the item (if there are any).
  • Use one to two keywords, but make the text easy to understand.
  • Avoid making the section difficult to read.
  • Mitigate any spelling or grammar errors.
  • Make your description in bullet points.
  • To come across as an authority, use numbers and facts.
  1. Product Features Must Not be Ignored

Product attributes are displayed on the left when looking for a specific item in Walmart seller advertising. About 24 distinct product categories are available on the market for you to specify the characteristics of your product.

  • Given that these traits may be filtered, this information benefits buyers. Customers can only view your goods in the filtered or narrowed results if you have mentioned the critical term as an attribute.
  • Given that these traits may be filtered, this information benefits buyers. Customers can only view your goods in the filtered or narrowed results if you have mentioned the critical term as an attribute.
  • For better ranking, include relevant and crucial qualities in your product.
  • The category “other” should not be chosen because it lowers the visibility of your product.
  1. The Product Price Must be Reasonably Low

The most important aspect determining whether a product should be listed at the top after you have presented it using all the main factors described above is “pricing.”

It aids in maximizing sales and winning the buy box. Download the inventory report periodically and compare the price you’ve offered to the Walmart buy box winners to gain a better clearance of your product portfolio (or that of your competitors).

  • With this information, you may assess your position in the competition and the potential performance of your product.
  • Product Reviews Must Generally Be Positive.
  • Last but not least, rankings also heavily factor in consumer reviews. They have the power to build or break your company. Positive reviews are essential for establishing the reliability of your product and can help you rank higher.
  • Request reviews from your customers for your products on your product page. Additionally, get in touch with dissatisfied clients to resolve their issues.

Making sure that the goods are delivered on time or significantly sooner than advertised is a terrific way to keep your consumers happy and satisfied. Poor ratings for your goods due to their delayed arrival might harm your brand’s reputation.

Wrapping Up

The more likely a potential consumer will choose your product over rivals, the higher your product ranks. The way a product is presented and explained ultimately affects its organic score. It is not sufficient to have concise product descriptions covering every aspect of the item.

To aid potential clients and search engines to find precisely what they are looking for, they should also use SEO methods like keyword optimization, clear descriptions, and bullet points to describe Walmart selling tools, short titles, etc. 

You can learn how to master a little bit of strategic planning. Choose the keywords that best describe your product and determine how competitive they are before you begin improving your product listing. Once you’ve compiled a list of keywords, use them where they belong on your item’s listing.


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