How mobile technology in the pet industry is improving animals habitat

Pets and humans have an empathy filled relation. The love, confidence, and trust on each other have changed lives of humans and animals in a better way.

Effects on Pet’s Health: The busy schedules, food choice, food quality, and climatic changes all affect the overall health of pets and creates distress for humans.

Health Benefits: The humans avail health benefits due to presence of pets. They help in blood pressure control, lowering stress levels, keeping the mind and body active, anti-depressant and all this is proven scientifically. The direct relation of pet’s health is with the pet owner’s health, the pet’s can bring in benefits for owners if they themselves are fit.

Companions: The birds and animals are the best companions of humans and they are sharing swimming pool, running track, and other exercises, playing games, remain happy, and fit in each other’s company.

Mobile Technology in the pet industry is improving animal habitat:

  1. Comfort: The surroundings as well as stay and play area for pets focus on comfort of pet. Houses where such separate areas are not available can set worriers aside the mobile trackers can tell you about the heart beat, body heat, mood of the pet and much more.
  2. Joint Tasks: The pets have been helping humans in household, farm and other everyday jobs. We all know that they are of great help and that’s the major reason of people involving them more and more in our lives. People play and exercise together this gives them motivation, boost, and joint fitness. The mobile apps built to collect and collate data of timings, calorie burn, missed tasks, quality, and duration of physical activity, body temperature, activity history, comparison for tasks using data and much more with just a click of button.
  3. Happy Pet: The pets happiness is important for the owners and they want to get involved personally either manually or technologically. The use of mobile apps is giving us opportunity to be with our pets with video and audio communication when we are physically far away. Playing games and taking care of pets have become easier than ever.
  4. Food: Along with the surroundings the food is important part of a pet’s life they need variety and quality, the pet owners are using mobile technology to buy pet food online and send gifts to the pets who are the activity partners and smile crackers in human being’s life. You can use technology for serving best leopard gecko food to your pet.
  5. Travel and Eatery: The search of places is easier with the mobile apps. The owners can take their pets; both can enjoy the outing, and the food without hesitation. The destinations can be booked with specific instructions for pet care and preferences.
  6. Grooming: The apps for booking the facial and other grooming at the saloons or at home both were never possible without the support of technology. Mobiles have given a handy tool to pet owners and they can book the appointments while relaxing or in transit. Some of the services are available where the pets can accompany you to the saloon and both attended in different zones to make them comfortable. At times getting ready for events and parties, is time consuming and the advance bookings help the pet owners to carry their pets with pride.
  7. Plan a Party: People want to celebrate their pet’s birthdays and the planners are available across the mobile platform, the party planners and pet owners can discuss and exchange the ideas and requirements over the apps.

Pet industry has taken a leap of growth with support of mobile technology and the overall improvement in health and quality life of pets is promising. Workable solutions are on the demand charts of pet owners, making the future of pet industry predictably strong.

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Harsh Arora is a proud father of four rescued dogs and a leopard gecko. Besides being a full-time dog father, he is a freelance content writer/blogger and an educationist, with more than 6 years experience in the field of content writing.

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